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October 17, 2013

J6 is going to Space Academy!

You guys made it happen! THANKS!

Thanks to ALL of you who voted for J6, he won the Axe Apollo contest for a chance to go into space! Through working together, you've all helped to send our Bountyhunter on the first step of his greatest journey yet: up where he belongs, among the stars!


J6 says: A big thanks to everyone who voted to help send me to space. I got word that I made it to the finals, which means I'm heading off to Orlando in December to fly a fighter jet, throw up in zero G training and pass out in a centrifuge. Science!

Why does he want to go into space?

"Art is all about breaking boundaries; traveling into space would let me create and inspire a new generation with a first-person view of the universe!" 

Galaxy-sized Gifts

If J6 takes that big step for J6-kind up into space, when he returns, we'll have the astronomically-awesome thank you shop EVER!

  • J6 Astronaut Armor set
  • Spaceship house
  • Space background
  • And, of course, SQUIGGLES

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