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September 30, 2011

Announcement coming!


The Faxtron 3000 just recieved the signed piece is paper that makes our event for AQWorld's 3rd Birthday... OFFICIALLY ON! The band joining us this year is going to surprise players of many different ages. They are by far our biggest celebrity guests yet, but at the same time I would not be surprised if some of our younger players do not know them.... well, at least not yet (But, we would be very surprised if you have not heard many of their songs from the Radio, TV, and other media!) So, here is your AQWorlds lineup for October!

Coming this OCTOBER!

This week (Sept 30th) SkyGuard "Lore Under Attack"
Next week (Oct 7th) The path to Mystcroft re-opens: Mogloween 2011 begins!
Then (Oct 14th) SPECIAL EVENT! Part 1 w/ Special Guest
Then (Oct 21st) SPECIAL EVENT! Part 2 w/ Special Guest
OMG... then (Oct 28th) BRAND NEW Mogloween special, super spooky release!

The Special Event will introduce a terrifying new villain to the world of Lore, and reveal things about our worlds past that will likely change... everything!

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