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September 25, 2012

"My First Battle-Pet" Shop

Howdy hey! Samba here, and today I'm going to give you a little rundown of our new "My First Battle-Pet" shop that will be released tomorrow. 

You've met Balboa, he's our battle-pet trainer. He's tough as nails, despite his squishy Moglin body. He scours the lands of Lore, looking for beasts to collect and tame. His dream is to be the ringmaster of his own circus someday. Can you help him out? He will be hanging out in BattleOn this week, and then move to Aria's Pet Shop.

4 BRAND NEW battle pets will be released this week. They will stay in the shop forever as staples for new fighters looking for battle companions. More will be added as time goes on. These battle-pets will be:

Gorillaphant Calf - He's ready to throw punches left, right and hook for you!

Hate Hawk - Whoever that is trying to beat you up, this hawk HATES them!

Turbo Turtle - This courageous cooter is a descendant of the ancient Titan Turtle. He's prepared to protect and shield you in battle!

Battle Kitten - This little sweetheart is MORE than happy to rip your oppenent to tiny shreds!

We'll also be introducting a rare battle-pet when time permits me. These will stay in the shop for ONE WEEK at a time. We will be sure to announce on the DNs and over Twitter when a new rare pet is making a stop into the shop. This week's rare battle-pet will be:

...the Fightin' Frogzard! He'll hop right into the fray with you! HE WILL LEAVE THE SHOP WEDS, OCT 3RD!

I've recieved a TON of awesomesauce suggestions on the forums, and don't fear, your suggestions have been heard! Look for other exotic critters like, oh I dunno... Chicken Cows! Penguins! Sneevil Mercenary! Meeses! Armored pets! And a larger variety of Undead Servants for Necromancers, too!

(Please note: General ideas and monsters of the AE universe are considered for this kind of pet shop. If you have a pet YOU designed, I recommend submitting that to the Suggestions Forum for the Player Suggestion Shop instead.)

Balboa's Battle-Pet Shop is MEMBER-ONLY*, and is our way of thanking those of you who have taken the time and money to upgrade your account to support us here at AdventureQuest Worlds and Artix Entertainment as a whole. Because of you, it is possible for me to come to a job everyday and do something I love, for players I love. Please accept this as my big "Thank you!" members!

Balboa looks forward to y'all stopping by tomorrow! And don't forget J6 will be having his Rare House Shop in BattleOn too! :)

Love, Samba Samba Samba <3

* Though there may be 1 or 2 in each shop update that require Membership and AdventureCoins.

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December 08, 2011

It's time to /SAMBA!

Don't stop till you groove enough!

Howdy hey players, the time has finally come! The /Dance Evolution minigame is coming tonight to play at my disco in the troll village of Bloodtusk Ravine. Now in an Ordinary World, you’d have to spend YEARS to achieve amazing samba skills, but here in AQW, you just have to tap your foot and match some arrows to unlock the /samba dancing emote. So get busy like a Bumble Bee and dance to the MAX!

Now you’ll notice a lovely blond troll dancing with me. This is actually one of my best friends from real life, Tango. In high school, many, many, MANY weekends were spent stomping on arrows, snarfing down sushi and then settling in for a Cowboy Bebop sleepover marathon. So it’s only appropriate that Tango and I are dancing side by side in a game that we cared so much about and that helped make our friendship that much groovier.

Sadly, life isn’t always BRILLIANT 2U. Last month, Tango was struck by a drunk driver and has been hospitalized ever since with extensive damage. But, being the MIRACLE that she is Tango pulled through a 2 week coma, and is now stable. As Days Go By she is regaining more and more mobility, memory and cheer.

This weekend Tango got to leave the hospital and to welcome her home, I’m very happy to introduce her to you, Heroes. No more shall we be Dancing All Alone!

Please keep Tango in your thoughts as you adventure. The road to recovery will be a Long Train Runnin’. And if you ever, ever, EVER are in the situation where someone is about to drive drunk, Make A Difference and blow the Whistle Song! Report them to a responsible adult and you may very well be saving a life!

So here’s the
BRE∀K DOWN! of the update to my disco:
- /Dance Evolution minigame!
- Winning unlocks the /samba emote!
- 4 female versions of Tango’s hairstyle and 2 male versions in Samba’s shop w/ CC stripe!
- New quest, "Tango! Tango! Tango!" with Tango’s red, silver and black dancing armor reward!

Dance on!

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November 04, 2011

2011 AE Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners

pumpkin banner

Wow, October flew right by us! A big THANK YOU to everyone who submitted to this years Pumpkin Carving Contest! Below, you may gaze upon a small sample the gourdmanship of your fellow players! All of our winners pumpkins will be available to view next week. :)

A big congrats to our Grand Prize winners, who will be taking home 5,000 ACs and Cysero's own Gourd of Gourdliness sword! Great work all!

by simontdk1

Grand Prize Winners - 5,000 ACs

These pumpkins knocked our striped-socks off! Amazing work!!

Rena Hikari

by Knight of the Dragon

Infinity+1 and Beyond - 2,500 ACs

For those pumpkins that went that extra step to be amazingly kooky and spooky!

Knight of the Dragon
vampire hunter

by Arconium

Pumpkin Smashers - 1000 ACs

These carvers rocked so hard, we're surprised their pumpkins weren't squashed in the process!


by Enchanted Dawn

Pride of Mystcroft - 500 ACs

The Cauldron Sisters picked these pumpkins themselves!

Aerandir Agarwaen
Anarchy Kitty
Cyber doom5
Dragon slayer 11497
Enchanted Dawn
melodie 10
Red fox1999
renji 1001 Samurai

by dralir

Monster Mashups - 500 ACs

These carvers thought "outside-the-pumpkin" this Mogloween!

Shocky 377

by Awesome_is_awesome

Winner's Circle - 200 ACs

Mystcroft could not be spookier without the great work of all the skilled carvers in our community!

Boys in
Dark Savant
edward elric 13
Ethan Obi
GM_ francis
lava lynx
Light blade222
lord sachiel
nuke warrio r2323
Omega dragonz
solaris of light


Again, thank you to everyone who participated! See you next Mogloween! :D

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