Design Notes

April 11, 2014

What's Inside Dage's Chest

Get the Key, Unlock the Chest, Get a Prize!

Dage has a surprise for you, heroes! Spin the Wheel of Doom or Destiny tonight for a chance to get Dage's Dark Key! On May 7th, one person* with the Dark Key weapon will be selected... and they will receive a custom-made, personalized weapon for them from Dage the Evil! The Dark Key itself will turn into a separate weapon, so EVERYONE who gets the key from the Wheel will get a reward.

Prize inside.

How To Get the Dark Key

  • Spin the Wheel of Doom or Destiny before May 6th (when the key will no longer drop)
  • Receive Dage's Dark Key as a reward drop
  • On May 7th, one person who received the Dark Key reward drop will be chosen to receive a custom weapon created just for them* by Dage the Evil!

* The Dark Key will turn into a weapon, so everyone who receives the drop will get a sword. But one person will receive a custom weapon! 

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