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October 31, 2013

Happy Mogloween 2013!

Can YOU Survive the Frankenwerepire Challenge?

Meet Doctor Voltabolt. He's a GREAT guy... if you enjoy the sound of dentist drills and get your thrills from making heroes scream! Y'know, your all-around dentist-by-day, mad scientist by night. And THIS night, he's got his newest experiment ready to send at you: the Frankenwerepire!

You've got to be REALLY dead-icated to win!

There are TWO versions of this bad boy: a challenge fight for ALL players, and an ULTRA challenge fight for Legends! The Ultra Frankenwerepire drops some exclusive gear, but both versions drop rare and seasonal treats, including:

  • "Face Only a Doctor Could Love" helm 2013
  • Supercharged Powerpack cape 2013
  • Red Moglinster 2013 pet
  • Ghost Moglinster 2013 pet (only drop off ULTRA Frank!

Come back tomorrow for MORE Mogloween!

Trick or treating just isn't the same without glowsticks! We've got a ton of new glow-in-the-dark treats in our new Mog-GLOW-ween Merge shop (coming tomorrow), and after you equip them you can /join glowmap to play in the dark and watch yourself glow!

Get your glow on this Mogloween!

We'll also have a Mogloween 2013 Rares shop, which will include:

  • Collared Fiend Armor
  • Fiendish Befouler Armor
  • Witch Caster helms

  • Mogloween Morph Masks (click to transform!)
  • and more!

Don't forget: last chance for 5th Upholder!

October's almost over! If you want to become a 5th Upholder and gain access to all of our new StarSwords, be sure to upgrade your account before Friday night!

Shoot for the Star Swords!

Next week: Return to the Mirror Realm!

Mogloween is one of my personal favorite holidays! I love fall: burning leaves, cold air, and hot apple cider. (Not that we get those here in Florida...) But this year, we decided to release a super-charge challenge boss fight so we could push on ahead to the finale of the 13 Lords of Chaos Saga... and THAT means: Xing and Xang are BACK! (You CAN'T just leave those two running around, you know?)

We've got a lot of other great stuff going on, too:

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