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Frost Maker

December 19, 2014

The WorldBreaker Rises

Frostval 2014 Event: Return of the Ancients!

After the Champion of Chaos let the Queen of Monsters loose, refugees from across the world flee to a new continent as the land grows colder and winter storms rage. Fight alongside Syrrus the Astromancer at the shattered Tower of Winds. Build a planetary gate that will allow a mysterious warrior mage's army to journey across spacetime and add their blades to the battle!

/Join FrozenTower to begin your adventure through the Tower of Winds and find:

  • 35 new quests
  • A new race of monsters, the FrostSpawn
  • the Tower of Winds Merge Shop
  • and a BIG BATTLE ahead of you, because...

The Queen of All Monsters is here, and she is ready to begin ruling! For that, she'll need a general, and she might have found JUST the right one! (You might recognize the family resemblance to another one of our frostiest foes... DUN DUN DUN!)

Next week, Part 2... WorldBreaker Rising: FrostSpawn Invasion plus more gear in Quibble's shop AND the Frostval 2014 Limited Quantity Sets!

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December 17, 2014

New Game Updates for Dec. 19

Game Changing Release: WorldBreaker Rising 

New Game Storyline WorldBreaker Rises

A whole new AQ Worlds begins! The Queen of Monsters obliterates an entire continent to build her fortress. Rally your friends & BATTLE ON! Read more here.  

Lineup of Frostval Shops in December 2014

Jingle Bells Quibble sells rare items in the game holiday christmas gifts

Jingle bells, Quibble sells rare items in the game; 12/19 & 12/30 there’ll be new items for you to claim! 12/23 begins Limited Quantity Shop, too!

12 Days of Gifts & Holiday Boosts

Free gifts this holiday season Tinsel in Battleon

Log in each day for a new FREE gift when you talk to Tinsel in Battleon! Earn double Gold, XP, Rep, and CP boosts over the holiday weekends. More info can be found here.

Play our New Mobile Game, AQ: DRAGONS!

new dragon game iOS android google play app store adventure quest

How do you train your dragon? Raise 12 dragons in our new free game. AQ: DRAGONS is available on Google Play and iOS; coming soon to web! GET IT HERE, DRAGON MASTER!

New Holiday Art Contest: Enter Today!

Christmas contest Art holidays adventure quest worlds online mmo

Happy Holidays and Seasons Beatings! A new holiday contest has begun and we want YOU to create AQW-themed art. Click here for full details.

Bundle up and Battle ON!

xoxo Beleen =D

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Frostval Maker

December 16, 2014

The Queen of Monsters' Frostval

The World Breaks as the Ancients Return!

After the Champion of Chaos let the Queen of Monsters loose, refugees from across the world flee to a new continent as the land grows colder and winter storms rage. Fight alongside Syrrus the Astromancer at the shattered Tower of Winds. Build a planetary gate that will allow a mysterious warrior mage's army to journey across spacetime and add their blades to the battle!

The WorldBreaker Rises as twilight falls across the world.

Journey to a NEW continent to begin the introdution to our new storyline, "Ancient Evils," as the Queen of Monsters gathers strength and begins to build the army she'll use to conquer our world! With 35 quests to complete, new lands to explore, and 7 elemental starstones to locate, you've got more do than just save our winter holiday... 

Quibble Coinbiter returns Friday!

Past, present, and future Frostval items freeze the insides of Quibble Coinbiter's pack... and YOUR inventory! AQWorlds' very own time-traveling sales moglin arrives in Battleon this Friday, December 19th, with gear from across space AND time! But he won't be there long, so you'll want to dig through his chest of never-before-seen-slightly-used items and rares while you can!

FrostSpawn Warrior and AstroMancer armor!

Announcing the Coolest Class: CryoMancer!

Just in time for snowstorms, blizzards, and BIG boss battles, we've got the CryoMancer Class arriving this Friday! You can get your winter gloves on this supercool class for 2000 AdventureCoins or through farming for tokens from a Daily Quest. (Members will be able to earn tokens twice as fast!)

  • Cryomancer Class (Earned version, 84 Glacera Tokens)
  • Cryomancer Class (AC version, 2000 ACs)

Cryomancer Class Armor

Once the CryoMancer Class releases, speak to Syrrus Terminer in the Tower of Winds OR talk to Quibble in Battleon! Both will have daily quests that rewards you with Glacera Tokens when you complete them. Non-members can earn up to 14 a week but there is a special Member version of the quest that will reward Members with up to 21 Tokens per week.

MEMBERS: You will only be able to do ONE of the quests per day. MAKE SURE YOU DO THE MEMBER VERSION!

As always there will be an AC version of the class for those who don't have the time to invest in earning the class for free.

Frostval Limited Quantity Packages Next Tuesday!

Starting next Tuesday, December 23rd at 10:30 AM EST, our Frostval Limited Quantity Packages will go on sale! There are a limited number of packages, so if you want to snag these ice-cold collectibles to boost your rare collector rep, read on to see what's coming!

  • Dage's holiday armor set and quest (concept art pictured above) 
  • J6's Ice Fortress house (with daily quest treasure chest)
  • A holiday Nulgath-themed Battle Pet (available to anyone who has EVER purchased a membership)
  • and the IceMaster Yeti pet and quest (for all players)

Keep an eye on the Design Notes for more art previews, quantites, and a restock schedule!

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Gift Maker

December 19, 2014

12 Days of Frostval Gifts: Day 7

On the 7th Day of Frostval, Tinsel Gives to You...

... J6's Ice-Ten Blaster Gun! Log in every day from now until Christmas Eve and talk to Tinsel in Battleon to get a FREE GIFT! All you need to do is accept her daily quest, then turn it in to get a free boost, treasure chest key, or item!

Free christmas presents in a fantasy mmo rpg game

Today's gift is: J6's Ice-Ten Blaster Gun

Frostval Gift Calendar

Don't miss the AQW team's Frostval gift to you! The free present will change each day:

  • Friday, Dec 19: J6's IceTen Space Blaster
  • Saturday, Dec 20: Dual IceTen Space Blasters
  • Sunday, Dec 21: J6's IceTen Space Helmet
  • Monday, Dec 22: Levitating Space Helmet Pet
  • Tuesday, Dec 23: J6's IceTen Space Armor
  • Wednesday, Dec 24: 4 1 Hr Boosts: 1 XP, 1 Rep, 1 Gold, 1 CP

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Preview Maker

December 10, 2014

Building up to a Bright Frostval

Get a Sneak Peek at what's coming next week!

The Design Notes have been quieter than usual this week, because the entire team has been hard at work building the bones of the Frostval release designed to introduce us all to the new main storyline!

We've stolen Thyton to partner with Dage to build the Frostval monsters, and we've loaded up J6, Memet, Laken, Blade, Ghost, and Arklen with art and animation lists that will let you wreck the halls as you deck your opponents!

Read on to see concept art, in progress, and finished art for the coming weeks' releases:

Karok the Fallen concept

Several millennia ago Karok, the Hero of the Battle of IceSpire Peak, was broken after a bitter betrayal forced him to choose between death and dishonor. His spirit was so shattered that rumors say no shred of humanity remains in him. Looking at his FrostSpawn minions... this may well be true. 

Frostspawn Horde Warrior concept

Once a regular human warrior, members of the Frostspawn horde have been twisted into unrecognizably monstrous creatures by the magic of their planet due to the foul nature of their deeds.

Karok the Fallen, mage form, final art

Fueled by a need for vengeance, conquest, and rage, Karok has destroyed his world, and seeks a new world to pillage and plunder. The last whispers of the last seer to walk the ice floes of his homeland uttered a single word, though many have no idea what it could mean: "Kezeroth..."

The Horologium Gate after completion

Every 5,000 years, a planetary alignment is possible and, if the gate is properly constructed, a bridge may be formed which can bring us the aid we need to battle the WorldBreaker... but first the Horologium Gate must be built and the Elemental Runestones gathered!

Cryomancer Class concept art

The CryoMancer Class will be available in two weeks, and can be purchased for 2000 Adventure Coins or through farming for tokens from a Daily Quest. (Members will be able to earn tokens twice as fast!)

  • Cryomancer Class (Earned version, 84 Glacera Tokens)
  • Cryomancer Class (AC version, 2000 ACs)

Once the CryoMancer Class releases, speak to Syrrus Terminer in the Tower of Winds. He will have daily quests that will reward you with Glacera Tokens when you complete them. Non-members can earn up to 14 a week but there is a special Member version of the quest that will reward Members with up to 21 Tokens per week.

MEMBERS: You will only be able to do ONE of the quests per day. MAKE SURE YOU DO THE MEMBER VERSION!

As always there will be an AC version of the class in Syrrus and Quibble's Frostval shops for those who don't have the time to invest in earning the class for free.

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Merry Maker

December 05, 2014

Tis the Season To Be Slaying!

Frostval Begins as All Our Seasonal Events Return!

Journey to Frostvale to battle through AQW's coolest holiday events now as all of our previous years' Frostval events return! Save Frostvale, stop the Ice Symbiote infection, watch a young Empress Gravelyn experience her first Frostval, take down the ancient Questzal beast and get WAY TOO MANY presents! 

/Join Frostval to begin battling the most coldhearted villains in Lore! Quest through the following areas to save the Spirit of Frostval, moglins... and the WORLD! Battle through 14 maps, unlock 12 shops and, if you've upgraded your account, /join icerisepast to see what life in the Keep was like just before Kezeroth arose!

The Bonebreaker Adventure Badge is LIVE!

This week, we're introducing a new type of upgrade package: the BoneBreaker ADVENTURE package! I REALLY love this idea, because instead of just getting an armor set when you upgrade, you unlock an entire zone with a full map, quest chain, boss battles, merge shop, and monster drops! 

See all the details in this post.

Starting tonight, find the upgrade package available on our website, portal site, and in-game! When you get the BoneBreaker package for $34.95 USD, you'll immediately unlock:

  • The Bonebreaker Outcast armor 
  • The BoneBreaker Fortress map
  • A character page badge

Next week, you'll unlock:

  • A full map zone in /bonebreak
  • A new boss and minions
  • A quest chain to take Braddok BoneBreaker DOWN
  • Boss Drops and a merge shop
  • 2+ armor sets
  • A farming quest that will reward 1 of 15 potions or game boosts plus merge shop resources
  • 3 months of membership
  • And 2000 AdventureCoins!

In addition, ANYONE with an ACTIVE membership will be able to join you in the map (so if you've got friends who are Legends but don't get the package, you can still battle alongside them)! 

Frostval 2014 Release Lineup!

Don't miss ANYTHING, because we've got a month of holiday awesomeness to thrill and chill you!

  • 12/12: Winter’s Heart dungeon
  • 12/12: Tundra Hunter Limited Time Shop and Beleen's Birthday
  • 12/12: J6's birthday gear leaves!
  • 12/19: Part 1 of our NEW Frostval/Main storyline release
  • 12/19: Quibble Coinbiter returns with his holiday shop
  • 12/23: New Frostval release, Part 2 and Cryomancer Class!
  • 12/26: 72 hour Frostval rare drop + 2x ALL BOOSTS 
  • 12/30: Part 3 of our Frostval release/New Years' event
  • 1/2: 72 hour FNew Year's rare drop + 2x ALL BOOSTS 

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December 03, 2014

The LoreMasters Warn...

Heroes of Lore, Prepare! The Horde is Coming

Our wisest Loremasters have intercepted a message from beyond, and what they have learned will chill your bones and freeze your blood...

Far off, in the deepest reaches of space lies a dead planet, frozen beyond all recognition from the rich world it once was. And the creature (you might have called him a man, once) who rules there is a heartless, ruthless being. So vastly different from what he once was.

Karok the Fallen concept art

He wields a magic we have seen on this world only a few times, and rules with an iron fist and a blade forged from the weeping wounds of his enemies. He is Karok the Fallen, and his gaze has turned to our world.

We must learn more about who he is, what he wants, and what his plans are as soon as possible! If we do not prepare, we cannot combat the destruction he will bring! This Frostval...

The Horde. Is. Coming.

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December 03, 2014

Frostval is BACK for 2014

Wreck the Halls and Ring the SLAY Bells!

Get ready for the return of AQW's coolest gear (literally!) this Friday as we bring back all of our previous years' Frostval events! Save Frostvale, stop the Ice Symbiote infection, watch a young Empress Gravelyn experience her first Frostval, and get SO MANY presents! 

Last year, one of our Twitter followers, VendettaSoul, sent us this very well-worded (and ominous!) message, and it still applies for this week:

Christmas time is here... Queztal makes you run in fear. Kezeroth, World chaorrupts, my favorite time of year. Lol  

This Friday, battle through all our existing Frostval zones:

  • Alpine Factory
  • Ice Cave
  • Snow Globe
  • Snow Path
  • Factory
  • Battlefield
  • Ice Cave
  • Ice Rise Keep
  • Ice Volcano
  • Snowy Vale

Legends can access the "Fall of IceRise Keep" storyline by talking to Moraine in /icerisepast to see the effects of Kezeroth's rise shortly before he woke from his ancient slumber!

So cold even the Ice Wolves fled!

New Frostval Event Begins in TWO WEEKS!

Normally, we have a Frostval event which ends in warmth, happiness, and fuzzy hugs. But NOT THIS YEAR! We've gotten a lot of questions about when the new story will begin, what the Last Stone of Battleon will do, etc. Well this month, we've got answers!

The Scythe of Dreams awaits.

We're using the time normally reserved for Frostval to set the stage for 2015 by introducing one of the next main villains. And to face him, you're going to need to travel to the NEW continent! Friday, December 19th, prepare yourself for:

Frostfall Invasion: Rise of the WorldBreaker!

Also coming this week

  • The Frostval Giftboxes arrive next Wednesday!
  • The BoneBreaker expansion package goes on sale Friday! 
  • The alternate Legion Vampire armor set arrives Friday!

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December 27, 2013

The Devastation of Frostfang

Did you think you were done?

The war is over, and the allies of Frostvale have beaten back Dage's army of icy monsters. But has good really prevailed? Even as the good heroes of Lore fought to save Frostval, they were really helping Dage realize his ultimate goal, and unleash...

That's one big dragon.

Unfortunatly, Frostfang is pretty much slaughtering everyone indiscriminately, so regardless of which side you fought on during last week's war, you'll need to take this big guy out. /join darkwinter and talk to Yorumi or Issik to get started!

And reach level 60 while you do it!

Yep, it's that time again! We've raised the level cap to 60, allowing you to be even stronger and battle even deadlier monsters! If you need help leveling up, visit Yulgar's Daily Quest Board. New level 55+ enhancements will also be coming later tonight.

Quibble, War Shop, & Countdown to the New Year!

As promised, since the war has ended, some of the items that did not make it into the merge shop will be purchaseable for ACs from the new Darkwinter War Shop. So if you didn't get that awesome sword you wanted so bad... now's your chance!Complete your set!

Quibble Coinbiter also has some new items to offer, including:

  • Bleakwind Rogue armor
  • Bleakwind Hood
  • Bleakwind Locks
  • Interfector Blade
  • Black Mage Hat

And we'll be starting up the New Year Evolution Shop! One new item will be released each day until January 1, 2014, at which point you'll have a chance to get...

Evolved Dark Fiend!

Other goodies include:

  • Evolved Barbaric Blade
  • Evolved Legendary Magma Sword
  • Evolved Phoenix Blade
  • Frost Kingslayer sword
  • Frigid Staff Of The North
  • North Star mace
  • Grievous Affliction sword
  • Cataclysmic Staff
  • Staff of Tribulation

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News Maker

December 23, 2013

Holiday of Doom and Destiny

Find all-new gear in the Wheels of Doom and Destiny!

No matter whether you ally with Good or Evil, everyone loves awesome gear! For a limited time, the Holiday Paragon Plate and Helm will be available from the Doom and Destiny merge shops when you /join fortuneAND will drop from both of the Wheels.

Holiday Paragon Set!

Dage doesn't DECK the halls during Frostval... he WRECKS them! And THIS is the gear he uses to do it! 

Holiday Paragon Plate and Helm

Three versions of Holiday Paragon set are available:

  • Merge Legion Tokens to create the Legion Holiday Paragon set
  • Spin the Wheel of Doom or Destiny to get the Fortunate Holiday Paragon set
  • Merge Fortune Potions from the Wheels to get the Doom Holiday Paragon set
  • These sets will only be available until the Frostval event leaves in mid-January

The One Armor to Destroy Them All: SmogSlayer!

The great beast has awakened... the dragon awaits! But one does not simply SLAY Smog... one must defeat him honorably in combat. Will YOU don the SmogSlayer gear and take down ALL the dragons?

SmogSlayer armor, helm, and blade

Two versions of the SmogSlayer set are available:

  • Spin the Wheel of Doom or Destiny to get the SmogSlayer set
  • Merge Fortune Potions from the Wheels to get the Prismatic SmogSlayer set
  • These sets will only be available until the Frostval event leaves in mid-January

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War Moglin

December 20, 2013

The War for Frostval

Fight to Save Frostval - or Destroy It!

Tonight, a darkness descends over the land and threatens to destroy Frostval - a darkness named Dage! As a Hero of Lore, it's up to you to fight the forces of evil and save the holiday season! Or, if you're loyal to Dage, you can help him turn winter into the season of bleakness and despair that it was always meant to be.

Dage just has a different way of celebrating!

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

There are two ways players can fight in this war. When you /join darkwinter, you'll be able to join a special PVP map, where you can battle other players to save (or destroy) the holiday season! Or, if PVP isn't your thing, completing quests for either Yorumi or Issik the Vile will also help fill the war meter.

Step it up, Evil! Good's kicking your butts!

However you choose to fight, you'll be collecting the souls of the good (if you're evil) or evil souls (if you're good) that can be used to buy items in the Darkwinter Good and Evil Merge shops. But there's a catch! We'll be adding new items to both shops each day, but only the winning side will be able to unlock access to their shop's items!

Here's how it works.

But don't panic. The meter will only be tracking daily progress, so it will reset every day to give both factions a fighting chance at the loot. So if you lost yesterday, you can still win today! And even if your side loses, don't despair! You'll still be able to buy one of your daily items for ACs at the end of the event. (On days that have more than one item, that means the second item will be gone forever!)

Some of the merge gear you'll fight to unlock!

Check out Dage's Darkwinter Rare Merge Shop too!

Members of Dage's Legion will be able to purchase this awesome holiday-themed Dage gear for a limited time!

Ho, ho, ho.

  • Holiday Paragon Plate armor
  • Holiday Paragon Helm
  • Legion Doombringer sword
  • Legion Neko Waif-er helm
  • Legion Neko Waif-ette helm

Releases still to come!

There is SO MUCH happening that we couldn't release it all at once! Here's what comes out later tonight:

  • Holiday Paragon armor and helm drop from the Wheel AND are in the merge shop NOW!
  • Holiday Paragon Pet in the Dage War Rares shop releases
  • Lovecaster Class (if you have the Lovecaster armor from Beleen)
  • Lothalis' Birthday shop in the game menu

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December 20, 2013

Quibble Coinbiter Returns

Quibble Waits in Battleon While Dage Destroys Frostval!

Past, present, and future Frostval items freeze the insides of Quibble Coinbiter's pack... and YOUR inventory! AQWorlds' very own time-traveling sales moglin arrives in Battleon tonight, December 20th, but he won't be there long, so you'll want to dig through his chest of never-before-seen-slightly-used items and rares while you can!

Crimson and Emerald Glory Mage Armors

What's a Quibble Coinbiter?

Not exactly sure who Quibble is, or how he gets all that gear? Neither are we! But here's what he said last time I asked:

How do I get never-before-seen used items? Well, that's a trade secret. But just between us, I have a deal with a time travel fairy who brings me these things… even though they have not been built yet! They might show up later in the game or might be Rares that are never seen again!

Frostguard Commander Armor

  • Crimson and Emerald Glory Mage armors
  • Crimsom, Emerald, and Obsidian Helms
  • Crimson and Emerald Star of Glory Staves
  • Frostguard Commander armor and helm
  • Emerald, Crimson, and Gold Frostguard Lances
  • Festive Sparkle Cape

Wasted Winter Warrior

  • Wasted and White Winter Warrior Armors
  • Dark and White Winter Warrior Helms
  • Frozenbone Wings
  • Santa Cutie's and Santa Hunk's Pink Hats
  • Traditional Holiday Tophat and Locks

Holiday Pets full of Hope, Cheer... and Fear!

  • Beleen's Chinchilly Pet
  • Frostvale Moglin Pet
  • Santa Paragon pet and quests (talk to Quibble to find Dage's War Rares shop)

Bright BrutalCorn and Savage Santa Claws 

  • Bright Brutalcorn armor and helm
  • Savage Santa armor
  • Festive Neko Waif-er and Waif-ette Helms
  • Bleakwind Rogue armor, helm, cape, and daggers
  • And more!

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Pretzel Sock

December 27, 2012

Winter Wrap-Up!

The Year Ends But The Fun Continues!

Even though the new years starts early next week, tomorrow is when we are releasing our seasonal New Year's Event, complete with countdown clock and festive New Year Globe!

Alina has whipped up an expansion to the event where you have to help a pair of shunned creatures of the night find a new home and save the world from eternal darkness. As usual, our artists have outdone themselves making rewards that will blow your mind and leave you a drooling heap, flopping mindlessly into the near year like a pudding rolling down the stairs!

We have also just made a small adjustment to the Battlefield map. You can now replay the Quetzal Quests (or Questzals as I call them) as many times as you like, in case you missed some of the great seasonal rares that drop off of the quests. 

If you have already completed the Questzals, just /join Battlefiend and his the Replay Quests button. If you have NOT yet completed the Questzals then you're making a big mistake. People will be talking about this Frostval event for years to come and you will want to say "I was there when they released that. I saved the world in 2012."

Time Marches On

We have been doing a LOT in recent weeks to completely restructure the game, the way the database calls happen and re-arranging and even adding new threads for more efficient data flow. We still have a LOT of work to do in the weeks to come but rest assured that we are on the frontlines of the War On Lag. 

The Limited Quantity Shops have been a lot of fun for our collectiors who like to know that they have one of only 9,000 items of that kind in the game but after trying new ways of handling it every time, we've come to the conclusion that (unless we make some REALLY dramatic changes) we just can't keep them up. The currently availible LQS will be the last one. 

As soon as next year begins, we are planning on kicking off the new Chaos Story Zone.... Thunderforge. In this area you will learn a lot more about Chaos and those who wield it for their own gains and the next of Drakath's Lords of Chaos has a farmiliar face. 

Happy Holidays

This season is a time for giving but that means more than just presents. Sometimes it means just giving a little bit of your time to the people who wish we all had more time to spend together. We loved making the Frostval event for you but we also loved taking a few days off and spending them with out friends and families. We hope that no matter where you are, who you are or what you believe... you got to take a bit of the Frostval Spirit with you into the real world and share it with the people that you care about. 

Heres to you having a great holiday season and an even better new year! 

...or else.

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Just Another Sock

December 21, 2012

The End Of All Things

The Beast Quetzal is Free.

Last week, you saw the fate of Elim, the last hero to try and face Kezeroth The World Ender. You ventured to the very bottom of FrostDeep Dungeon and recovered the Sword of Hope... and you saw the beginning of the end. 

Now Quetzal is free, flying across the face of Lore and freezing everything in its path. It is up to you and your friends to weaken The Beast enough to use the Sword of Hope on it and put a stop to kezeroth's devastation. 

This features battles unlike anything you have ever seen in AQW before. You will be providing a very necessary lifeline to your army as they try to weaken The Beast Quetzal. Keep in mind that it is a monster powerful enough to devour worlds so IT WILL TAKE TIME to even weaken it. 

It will take courage and strength and above all a tireless spirit! 

If you have these qualities and manage to bring the beast Quetzal down, then you will still have Kezeroth to face. He is AMAZINGLY powerful and you WILL NEED FRIENDS to defeat him. 

As Promised, Kezeroth The World Ender's Armor Set (Armor, Helm and Cape) is a Member drop from Kezeroth himself (and Ultra Kezeroth), but ANYONE can BUY Kez's set from Athon's Frostval Shop for ACs. You will also find a number of random holiday rare drops from each of the Quetzal quests for all players. 

Happy Frostval!

Limited Qty Shop AND MORE!

Don't forget that we have the last LQS of the year coming tomorrow at 2:00 PM Server Time (Check your Options for the server time). You can check out a list of the new LQS Items coming tomorrow in Alina's Design Notes Post.  

Later this month we also have Dage's Sword Of The Legion shop, The revamps to the Verification Shop armors and our New Year's Eve Release! The world did not end today so we will still be updating the game through the end of the year and beyond! 

Thanks for being a part of our holiday event and Happy Frostval!

Today is Just Another Day

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Hairy Foot Sock

December 13, 2012

2 Day Rare SponZard Item!

The Halfling's PvP Medal +900!

The SponZard Button strikes again! In honor of the release of the new Hobbit movie, our sponsors have authorized us to release a new NON-MEMBER PvP Amulet... the Halfling's PvP Medal +900. 

As the name implies, this non-member PvP amulet will give anyone who wears it an extra 900 HP inside any PvP game or dueling arena. This is also the first PvP amulet to cost 0 ACs which will allow for free storage. 

Here's the catch, it's only available for the next 2 days! 

The item is a random reward from the SponZard button which appears from time to time in the LOWER RIGHT corner of Battleon. Just watch an ad and claim your reward and if you're lucky then it will be this rare PvP Amulet! 

As we've mentioned, it only appears at random intervals so if it shows up for YOU make sure to click it. Remember that this item will only be available for 2 DAYS so don't miss your chance! 

The End Of All Things, Part 1!

In case you haven't been able to log on since last night, be sure to log in and play through the first part of this year's two part Frostval release, The End Of All Things. 

It was a late release ast night but as soon as the servers opened our Twitter and the AQW forums exploded with excited messages about how cool this release is. High marks on the story, cutscenes, items, and even the reduced lag... but most of the praise came for the new villian, Kezeroth The World Ender. 

If you haven't played through this release yet, log in and see what everyone is talking about! 

PERSONAL NOTE: This was an insane release. 2 huge maps, 3 unbelievable cutscenes, a handful of really amazing items, and a couple of new features like mini-cutscenes to give some character to the dungeon crawl all between Monday and Wednesday. That's about ten days worth of production crammed into three and we bled to make it happen by 12-12-12 (Server time). 

I don't get to write for AQW much anymore so when I get the chance I really want to give you guys something to remember. It was a real win for me to see pages and pages of people having their minds blown by this release. The outpouring of support from the community was really something to behold and I'm just so glad that it went over so well and that so many of you enjoyed it. Your feedback is always appreciated, but it's great (and exceptionally rare) when it's almost all positive. 

You'd think that the team could take the win and maybe a well deserved rest but no. We were back here bright and early working, trying to make sure that Part 2 lives up to Part 1, and getting things ready for tomorrow. 

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for a new round of Quibble Frostval Rares (Including our first Frostval BattlePet for Members), Beleen's Insane Pinkomancer Birthday Shop (all items pinked by Beleen), The Big Red Member Gift Bag, Tinsel's Present Quests and special side quests in the 12-12-12 event for Chronomancers, Chronocorruptors, TimeKillers and Members! 

7 days until Just Another Day

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Doomsday Sock

December 12, 2012

12-12-12 Has Arrived!

The End OF All Things - Part 1

12-12-12 has finally arrived, and with it, the beginning of the end. Kezeroth The World Ender is about to be awoken!

This is the first part of AQW's 2 part special Frostval Event. ANYONE can participate in this event without having completed the previous years events (but it is recommended thast you do). The second part will be on Friday December 21st (AKA Just Another Day) assuming that the world doesn't end (It won't).

As usual, the event NPC (Athon the Crhonomancer) has a Seasonal Rare Shop that you can unlock by completing the event but if you make it to the bottom of FrostDeep Dungeon, you will also be able to claim the Sword of Hope! 

This item is FREE for ALL PLAYERS and you WILL need it complete Part 2, but you will also find a few more options. Members will be able to transform their Sword of Hope into Kezeroth's massive warhammer and level 50 Members will be able to claim BOTH of Kezeroth's amazing warhammers! 

This special release has taken an unbelievable amount of effort on the part of the AQW team to complete by Wednesday (even of it's a late one). Every single contributing staff member has pulled at LEAST one all-nighter this week to get this out today. 

So What Happens Friday? 


On Friday, out Chronomancers, Chornocorruptors, TimeKillers and Members will get special side-quests added to this release with exclusive rewards for each of these sub-sets of people. Quibble will be receiving a TON of new Frostval Items including a new rare bank Pet for 2012! The Big Red Bag of Member Presents and Tinsel with her non-member present quests will also be arriving on Friday not to mention it's Beleen's Super-Pink Birthday (with a super-pink birthday shop!)

That is a LOT of stuff in one week, but it's Frostval and that puts everyone in a giving mood! :)

Good luck facing Kezeroth, hero. You'll need it. 

8 days until Just Another Day

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Space Maker

November 26, 2012

Fight to the War's Finish

The Chaos Twins have BIG plans for you, Hero!

Shatter the chains that have trapped The Span's golems! War in /TheSpan rages, and your goal is to destroy Drakath's new army... and save the Chaos Lord! Once the war meter hits 100%, use the button on the war meter to go straight to the boss and take it down!

Doing the unexpected is what Xing and Xang do best!

Those who seek out Chaos will be happy with the rewards; for those ready to CRUSH Chaos, hold on to the Chaos Hourglass that drops from the monster. It will come in handy with Friday's release! Speaking of...

Friday: Chaos in Outer Space!

Mecha, monsters, and MASSIVE amounts of super-spaced out rewards await you in Friday's newest Chaos zone update. You'll need to gather and save what you can of Professor Iadoa's mind, battle the final Proto-Chaos Beast, and return home safely or your true destiny will never be realized!

Make sure your energy blades are charged!

NEXT week you will face the Chaos Beast AND the Chaos Lord... but first you'll need to conquer deep space... and an all-new miniboss!

Frostval is Coming in December!

You might have heard warnings that a cataclysmic something-or-other is about to strike, but what we should really be focusing on is... FROSTVAL! I don't know about you, but the AQW team LOVES this holiday!

Have you been a Good Hero... or an Evil Hero?

The cheer, the chill air, and all the presents we get to give!* Nothing's going to stop us from making this the biggest, best Frostval celebration yet! With you on our side, this is definitely NOT going to be just another day!

* Like bringing you Dage's Sword of the Legion Shop!

Treasure Chest Update!

Grab your inventories and check for treasure chests! If you've got any laying around, you'll want to log in this Friday because there will be all-new items available from the Treasure Chest quest. Members get two FREE Treasure Chest keys every month their upgrade is active; you'll need a Treasure Chest key to try for a reward!

Make sure to bring your Treasure Chest Keys!

Remember, you can get more Treasure Chest Keys from Twilly in Battleon with Adventure Coins, or just sell the unopened chests for a little extra gold if you don't want to see what is inside!

Tags: Alina Chaos The Span Xing and Xang Drakath Treasure Chest Frostval NOT just another day


Merry Maker

December 23, 2011

Frostval's Finale is live!

Ice Zombie Frost-pocalypse!

 Jagged ice, frostbitten souls, and frozen hearts – everything Dead Morice planned has come to pass! The people of Lore can feel nothing – not love, joy, or Frostval cheer – except the icy venom coursing through their veins! Coldhearted ice sorcerer Dead Morice has turned all of your friends into frost-brained golems, slaves to his bitterly cold heart and motives.

And when he sends them out to capture the moglins of Frostvale – the last pocket of Lore unaffected by his icy touch – you’ll have to save them AND the rest of Lore before Dead Morice’s eternal winter freezes their hearts… FOREVER!  

Frostval's Finale will come with some frigidly cool quest rewards and monster drops, too:

  • Frost and Steel
  • Ice Storm Blade
  • Joyful Resolve
  • Sugary Sword
  • Aura of the SnowGlobe
  • Star of the North Pole
  • Symbiote Growths
  • Symbiote Infection
  • Frostval on a Steek
  • Cold Bones Armor
  • Snowy Axe

And Members can use the /icecavern map to farm level 40 and 45 monsters for extra-high EXP!

A Happy Holiday Quibble Haul!

Quibble Coinbiter also has a backpack full of festive new Frostval booty, so make sure to stop by BattleOn to buy out his gift-stock, including a Quibble Bank pet!

  • Quibble Bank
  • Hyperborean Bite
  • Iced Foule-Bordeau
  • Glare of the Permafrost
  • Spikes of Permafrost
  • PermFost Legionaire's Visage
  • Iced Jester
  • PermaFrost Sapiens
  • PermaFrost Legionaire
  • Glacial Wand
  • Glacial Bow
  • Silver and Gold

Cookie Contest Winners Announced!

The tastiest contest yet has ended, and the winners of the Holiday Cookie Contest are here! Get your nom on when you feast your eyes on these sweet treats!

Congratulations to everyone who entered and ALL the winners! You guys did a GREAT job!

December Pet 'o the Month - Reinderp!

And don't forget about this amazingly cherry little guy! Reinderp just wants to fill your backpack with holiday happiness! YMembers can find him in Aria's pet shop!


We Wish You a Merry Frostval!

The holidays are a time of giving, sharing, and joy. It's also the season for spending time with family and friends; even though we talk to you guys all year 'round, this is the perfect time of year to say that we look at all of YOU as our friends -  just those we haven't met yet!

Enjoy the Frostval finale and all of the epically cool gifts that come with it! Look for the New Year's release to come next week, along with the final Limited Quantity Shop of the year! We're going to go spend time with our family and friends, and hope that you'll do the same!

From all of us on the AQWorlds team and everyone at Artix Entertainment, we wish you the merriest of Frostvals and happiest of holidays!

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Cheer Maker

December 21, 2011

AQW: Frostval and Beyond!

2011 Cookie Contest Song

The Cookie Hork returns to show off delicious cookie contest entries! Congratulations to everyone who participated. You guys are AMAZING! Winners to be announced Friday just before the new release!

Song of the Frozen Heart Finale!

This Friday, you'll see all of your friends entirely consumed by the ice venom coursing through their veins! Dead Morice's plan has come to its chilling conclusion... almost! With all the humans on Lore (except you?!) frozen into cold-hearted ice golems, Dead Morice has turned his attention to the last pocket of resistance to this frosty finish - the moglins of Frostvale!

There's SNOW where to run, little Moglin!

Now the fate of the Frostvale moglins as well as all of your friends rests on your armor-plated shoulders! Head deep into Dead Morice's iced-over volcano fortress and start heating things up! Now that you have the Flame of Frostval (thanks, Gravelyn!), you'll need to rescue your friends (who are visibly trapped inside a really cool-looking ice golem exterior) AND save the moglins... before they get put on ice. Permanently!

What's even worse is that you can still see Frosty the Moglin blinking.

With another cameo appearance by Empress Gravelyn, moglin expressions that will tug at your heartstrings, and a stonecold boss battle, this is one Frostval Finale we just couldn't keep under wraps! (Note: finish wrapping Frostval presents...)

Quibble Coinbiter's Holiday Haul - Part 2! 

Check out Cysero's Design Notes from Monday to see previews of what's coming in the Quibble Coinbiter shop update! Look for more armors, more helms, more weapons, and the Frostval Quibble Bank Pet!

Bank to Basics with Moglin Pets

The Zorbak and Twilly Bank Pets will be available in Valencia's AC shop and Aria's pet shop! And speaking of Aria's pet shop...

December Pet 'o the Month - Reinderp!

We are in love with this cheery little guy, and hope you'll find a place in your backpacks and in your hearts for him this Christmas! Meet Reinderp!

Derp, derp, derping all the way!

He is the happiest Reinderp in the herd! (Even if all the other reindeer DO call him names.) This member-only pet will be in Aria's pet shop for the rest of December, and will be sold for 1234 gold! And that means that the Harvest Dragon and Yergen pets are on their way out... so get them while you can!

Frostval Character Page!

Members have been asking for more character page backgrounds, and Frostval is the perfect time to add one! Now you can proudly pose in the middle of Frostvale... all year long!

Stop! New Year's Time!

NEXT Friday we will be releasing our New Year's celebration with an all-new story and truly temporal rares to usher in the Year of Chaos with a heart - and time - stopping BANG! When a Chaorrupted ChronoMancer decides to prevent the arrival of the New Year altogether, you and Lim will have to work together before time runs out!

Frostval Gifts open after next week!

If you haven't looted that conspicuously full bag of gifts in Battleon, then you're missing out on one of the best parts of AQW's Frostval - the PRESENTS! Everyone will be back in the Lab on January 3rd, so the gifts will open sometime that week! And ALSO happening that week...

A VERY special announcement!

Throughout 2011, you guys have been asking us to focus on introducing new forms of gameplay.* In the first few months of 2012, we're going to take steps to do just that! We'll be releasing the first part of an exciting addition to AQW... but we're going to need your help to do it!

Once we release the first part of this, we'll need your feedback to see what direction you'd like us to take it in. This addition is pretty common in other MMOs, but we're going to put an AQW-twist on it! Look for more details after the New Year's!**

* And we're not talking new stories or items, as some of you have worried.
** This new gameplay addition is NOT guilds. We also hope to release THOSE in 2012, too. Cross your fingers!

Etherstorm Wastes is coming in January!

Earth. Fire. Water. Air. You'll need a brave Heart to enter Etherstorm Wastes this January, because the elements have gone INSANE! Fire should burn, Water should flow, Air should move, and the Earth stay steady. But when that balance goes out of whack thanks to Desoloth, lately of the Dragon Plane, the elements you know - and the Great Dragons that control them - may never be the same! (And where there are dragons... there's Galanoth!)

More Mid-week Member-only Updates!

As promised, we'll be continuing to roll out mid-week member-only updates in 2012! These updates are smaller than Friday releases; the team making them is only 2-3 people: Cysero, Yorumi, and sometimes an extra artist. The rest of the time, and the team, is devoted to preparing the Friday releases. But continuing to produce more and better content for our members is high on our priority list, so make sure to let Cysero know what older zones you'd like to see expanded!

And so much more in 2012!

With THREE Friday the 13ths, MORE Chaos and Chaos Lords, a Summer Blockbuster event, the conclusion of the DoomWood storyline, the continuation of the SkyGuard storyline, the member-only SkyGuard class, the Alina/Rolith AQW/DF crossover wedding event, and SO MUCH MORE... we don't even have time to worry about the end of the world coming next December!

It really WILL be the Year of Chaos, and we are all SO excited about what's coming! We hope you all are, too!

Everyone else has left to begin their holiday celebrations, so I'm going to head home and finish wrapping Frostval presents for friends and family. We'll see you all this Friday as we release all that awesome stuff I typed a few paragraphs up!

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Bank Sock

December 19, 2011

Song of the Frozen Heart , Part 2

Frostval Continues Friday!

The second part of this year's epic Frostval storyline, Song of the Frozen Heart, continues on Friday when you find out who is behind the insidious ice infection that has frozen the hearts and veins of many across the snow-covered lands of Lore.

Don't forget that QUIBBLE will also be getting in a new shipment of holiday rares and items that he will be adding to his current stock!

Quibble Gets A Buff!

As we promised, Quibble Coinbiter's shop will be expanded with a second round of Frostval themed items and armors just for you.

We will be adding the rest of Tomix's amazing frost items...

Along with some highly anticipated armors, like Aegis's Frost Jester and Dage's PermaFrost Legionaire and PermaFrost Sapiens sets and lots of other cool items!

If you're worried about missing any of these Quibble items for any of Beleen's Birthday merge items... Relax and enjoy the holidays. You've got plenty of time! Frostval, Quibble and Beleen's Birthday Shop will stay up until the beginning of next year!

Non-Member Bank Pets!

This Friday we will also introduce a new type of pet to the game: Bank Pets!

As the name would suggest, just click on any of these three new pets and it will open your bank from anywhere in the game!

They are NON-Member pets, they will ONLY work for the ower of the pet and they will cost 2000 ACs each. Twilly and Zorbak will be found in Aria's Pet shop and Valencia's AC shop from Friday onward, but the Frostval Quibble Bank Pet is a Guarenteed Rare that will leave the game when Quibble leaves battleon and will never be back again.

This has been an item that we've had in our heads since before AQW went into beta testing, and also a suggestion that we see quite regularly on the forums so we're happy that it's finally arrived.

Some of you will want to know why they pets cost so much. It's gets a little technical but I've already answered that question last week in THIS FORUM THREAD on THIS POST.

On a side note, I really had a lot of fun talking to you guys that day. I would like to thank every one  of you who participated that day for being patient with me as I tried to answer your questions. There is SO MUCH that goes on behind the scenes of AQW that nobody really knows about (but many THINK that they do). It's nice to be able to open the door a crack and let you peek in from time to time to see what's REALLY going on. It really made me happy to know that the forums can still be a supportive and interesting place for curious and players with smart questions and comments.

That whole thread is a pretty great example of what the AE Forums should be (and once was) and I hope to see things moving back that direction in the future! I will definitely be back more often as time permits.

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Merry Maker

December 16, 2011

Song of the Frozen Heart


Ice venom freezing the blood in your veins, turning your heart bitter and your soul selfish? Shards of ice erupting from your body, turning you into a chilling golem? That does NOT make for a very Merry Frostval! You'll need to find the Flame of Frostval if you're going to serve Dead Morice - an Elemental Ice Mage - the ULTIMATE burn while making sure you're friends aren't cold as corpses... forever!

But where could such a Flame be burning if all of Lore is in the icy grasp of a coldhearted Mage? In the past, of course, as yet unkindled in the heart of a powerful child! Journey with Blizzy into a time when ShadowFall still flew, Sepulchure still plotted, and Gravelyn was the EVILLEST Undead Princess of the ShadowScythe EVER! When SHE discovers what Frostval is, YOU will find the Flame you're looking for!

But growing up Undead (what?!), Gravelyn does not know much about warmth or joy, and she doesn't know ANYTHING about Frostval! What she DOES know is that she wants to help her Daddy, and YOU are going to assist her! Battle through an icy alpine forest aiding this imperiously Evil Princess until the time comes to introduce her to the magic of Frostval!

Quibble Coinbiter - Awesomely Icy Edition!

You'll get shivers down your spine when you see the excellent equips Quibble's stocking this time around! And this is just week one of his visit! Next week, there will be even MORE rockin' Frostval rares!

  • Holiday Enforcer
  • Iced Jester
  • PermaFrost Legionaire and Sapiens
  • Hyperborean Bite Gun
  • Frozen Blizzard Blade
  • And MUCH more! If you don't see what you're looking for THIS week, check Quibble's backpack NEXT Friday!

200 Free ACs on Friday, 20+ more bag spaces to buy!

That's right, EVERY account in AQWorlds just received 200 FREE ACs for their first Frostval gift! They're great to use if you need to buy more inventory space, or just get some sweet new equips. So if you're running out of room for your rares and gear, head on over to Valencia and level up your inventory space!

EPIC Frystland DUEL!

If you're looking for an awesome (and EPIC) duel this Frostval, why not head over to Epic Duel's Frysteland War! They've been slowly introducing players to Delta V’s Frozen Northlands- Frysteland- and its inhabitants, the Krampus. Now, you’ll recall that the Krampus have a long tradition of Beast Riding, making them uniquely able to harness the power of the corrupted Yetis threatening Legion and Exile targets alike. If only you could get them on your side!

I Can Has Mod - Cysero's Turn!

The new I CAN HAS MOD contest is now running and we will be picking a winner first thing next year on January 3rd! If you don't already have it, better go get your Cysero's Golden Cheezburger from Cleric Joy in Battleon! Don't forget that every month left on your Membership and every AEXtra that you complete gives you one more chance in the drawing! Good luck!

Bloodtusk Chaos Battle for Free Players!

Now open to ALL players, watch as Bloodtusk's Chaos Lord faces Drakath head on and tries to take him down! But Chaos IS Chaotic, so things do not go quite as planned. That's where YOU come in... you can't let a rogue Chaos Lord roam free, can you?

Have a great weekend and we hope you enjoy part 1 of this year's Frostval release! We're all going to go home and wrap presents, cook up delicious food for the Lab's Frostval party, and enjoy time with friends and family. See you Monday!

PS: The /samba emote should be visible to ALL players when you use it now. Get your Dance On! 

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December 14, 2011

Frostval 2011 Starts Friday!

Song of the Frozen Heart

Magic, joy, and music - all are a part of Frostval! But this year, when you join us for the Song of the Frozen Heart, the melody of the SCREAMS will chill you and thrill you as you battle your way through icy foes and bitter snows! Watch as the citizens of Lore succumb to the ice venom running through their veins... until it encases them entirely, freezing their hearts, minds, and souls!

Venom in their veeeeeeins, in their veeeeeeins, Ice Zombies! Zombies!

If you are going to melt their hearts and serve Dead Morice - a cold-hearted Elemental Ice Mage - the ULTIMATE burn, you're going to have to search for the Flame of Frostval - in a MOST unlikely place: the memories of the Evillest Empress Lore has ever seen!

Dead Morice is going to give everyone the cold shoulder... and heart... and blood!

This Frostval, things are going to get heated when you battle through snow-covered alpine forests, help Gravelyn assist her father in causing trouble, and venture deep into a frozen volcano! Restore the spirit of Frostval and melt the ice in your friends hearts or they'll be as cold as corpses... forever!

Friends don't let friends turn into Ice Symbiotes.

Quibble Coinbiter Returns for Frostval!

Who can resist Quibble's epic equips? Not THIS Alchemist! And the AQW artists have been freezing their fingers to the bone to bring you some ice-cold accessories and armor!

Thursday will bring more Quibble previews, but until then, just keep an eye on our Twitter accounts!

Mid-Week Member-Only Release - Live!

Have your adventures been drag-on on? Then you'll want to head to Vasalkar's Lair for an epic member-only expansion to the /Lair map! Meet Duncan the DragonHunter and learn of his dragon-hunting hobby! Your alignment's going to come into play today, so look deep inside yourself and decide - Are you Good? Or ... Evil?

Do NOT taunt the unhappy Dadragon.

  • Onyx Dragon Armor
  • Dragon's Envy Armor
  • Wings of Envy
  • Draconic Pulse
  • Dragon's Song of War
  • And more!

Buy up to 20 More Inventory Spaces!

Talk to Valencia to get MORE inventory space! We'll be adding another 20 slots to the total number you can purchase! We didn't think we could DO this, but that's just how we work here. Artix Entertainment - making the impossible possible.

Beleen's Birthday Bonanza!

Also coming with tonight's release is the Beleen Birthday merge shop! If YOU want to view the world through pink-colored glasses, then get a move on her quests! You'll really be thinking PINK once you fill your backpack with the peppiest color in the crayon box! You'll be able to find her in the Frostvale hub town once the release goes live tonight!

See Beleen's Design Notes for more info on her shop!

  • Doomknightgown
  • Helm of Holiday Cheer
  • Adorable Pink Blade of Cuteness
  • Magenta's Costume
  • Amaranth Reavers
  • And much, much more pink paraphrenalia!

Happy Birthday, Beleen!May you have MANY years of light-red revelry ahead of you.

2012 AE Calendars at Toys R Us NOW!

Chaos is COMING in 2012! And, just in time to track all of the changes that will take place in Lore, the 2012 Calendars are on shelves at Toys R Us!

In US Toys R Us stores NOW!

Make sure you're heading to one of Toys R Us' main branches; Toys R Us outlets may not stock them. Having trouble finding one near you? Then check out this helpful Toys R Us branch locator!
Make sure you check the aisles where the card games and mod packs are kept; you should find your calendar there!

200 ACs to ALL Players - This Friday!

If you haven't heard the happy holiday news, for our FIRST Frostval gift to you,  we're giving ALL account in AQW 200 FREE ACs this Friday! If you've been hungering for one of Quibble's fantastically freezing Frostval rares, then make sure to claim your free ACs! Happy Frostval!

Tags: Frostval Ice Venom Song of the Frozen Heart Quibble Lair 2012 Calendar Beleen Birthday


Sock of The Frozen Foot

December 12, 2011

Song Of The Frozen Heart

Frostvall 2011: Part 1

This Friday we will be releasing PART 1 of our new Frostval adventure: Song Of The Frozen Heart, Quibble will be arriving with his first week of Frostval Items and Rares and next week he will be getting a buff, and selling even MORE great Frostval themed items!

Coming on Wednesday: We will be releasing the second mid-week member mini-adventure! This week we will be buffing the LAIR area, adding a new Dragonhunter (A fallen Dragonslayer) NPC as well as a bunch of great member-only Dragon themed items. This will be the last Mid-week release of 2011 but you can expect more in in January of 2012, the Year of Chaos!

We're happy to announce that, as of this Wednesday, you will be able to expand your backpack to a maximum of 120 Inventory Spaces! That's 20 more spaces for all your favorite gear!  Artix and Zhoom have been moving things in the game engine around and found a way to make the impossible possible.

As usual, you will be able to purchase these new inventory spaces from Valencia in Battleon or by hitting the Add Spaces button at the bottom of your backpack!

Zhoom says that this is the very limits of how far we can expand the inventory right now due to the limits of technology so this will be IT, but we make a habit of making the impossible possible around here so you never know...

Finally, Wednesday is Beleen's Birthday and she will be returning to Battleon with her OWN sack full of goodies as well as a new scavenger hunt all over Lore for some of Beleen's favorite things!

Even More Holiday Fun!

December is a VERY busy month for AQW. Later this month you can expect Part 2 of our new Frostval Event, Quibble will be getting even more new items, An Expanded New Year's event and on the 30th, back by popular demand, we're planning the last Limited Quantity Shop of 2011!

The new I CAN HAS MOD contest is now running and we will be picking a winner first thing next year on January 3rd! If you don't already have it, better go get your Cysero's Golden Cheezburger from Cleric Joy in Battleon! Don't forget that every month left on your Membership and every AEXtra that you complete gives you one more chance in the drawing! Good luck!

This year's annual AE Creative Cookie Contest is in full swing,  so bake yourself a tasty entry, take a sweet pic and drop it HERE!

AQW will hit the ground running, full steam into the Year of Chaos! We've got a LOT of great surprises, stories, toys, rare items, classes, and new gameplay expansions in store but we don't want to ruin the new year's surpises! Let's just say you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Come back to the Design Notes TOMORROW for some pretty big news that we think everyone will be excited about!

Tags: Frostval Quibble LQS I CAN HAS MOD Cysero


... and the rest of the AQW team!

December 13, 2011

AE gifts players $27 Million worth of ACs!

Happy Frostval!

Here at Artix Entertainment we are getting into the spirit of the holiday season! It's a time for coming together with friends and family, sharing a bit of warmth, for selflessly remembering other people and giving a hand where you can .... and it's a season of giving. So we want to give you one of your Frostval presents early this year.

An early Frostval Present... coming Friday

So, this year we are kicking off Frostval with the biggest present in Artix Entertainment history. Futhermore, we are giving the gift this Friday to EVERY PERSON who comes with us on our weekly adventures and plays through the world of Lore as it grows.

5 Billion ACs

If you shake the box... it sounds like 5.6 Billion AdventureCoins

This Friday, December 16th, we will be gifting every single AdventureQuest Worlds account 200 free AdventureCoins (ACs)! For no reason other than we want you to to kick off your holidays with a smile. 200 FREE ACs isn't a fortune but when you add up ALL the ACs that we will be giving away, it adds up to about 5.6 Billion (roughly 27.8 MILLION DOLLARS worth) of FREE ACs! It will definately allow you to get one of the awesome rare items being released in this weeks new "Frostvale: Song of the Frozen Heart" storyline.

We would like to thank you and all of the other players for adventuring with us this holiday season. If you wanted to get us something, you can always support the game and our weekly releases by getting more ACs through AExtras or purchasing them. But for THESE 200 ACs there are no strings attached. All you need is an account on AQW! As soon as we bring the servers back up for our Friday release, everyone will be 200 ACs richer!

It's just a little gift to all of you from all of your friends here at Artix Entertainment! Happy Holidays!

Tags: Free ACs Frostval Gift Cysero


Confrontation Maker

December 09, 2011

Chaos Versus Chaos!

Chaos Lord takes on the Chaos Champion

Lore has no fury like a Prophetess Chaorrupted! Members can watch as Bloodtusk's Chaos Lord faces Drakath head on and tries to take him down!* But Chaos IS Chaotic, so things do not go quite as planned. That's where YOU come in... you can't let a rogue Chaos Lord roam free, can you? A Chaos confrontation awaits you in the /dreamnexus!

Epically Chaotic rewards await you!

  • Bloodtusk Chaos Lord Armor!
  • Chaos Lord Human Armor!
  • Chaos Eruption Blade!
  • Solar Phoenix Pet!
  • And more!

All rewards drop either from monsters in the map or from the Chaos Lord!

It has been a long road through the Ravine; you've watched the Trolls and Horcs ripped apart by distrust, torn apart by war, occupied by an Alliance army and forced to face the fact that one of their own was behind ALL of it! In a story full of twists, turns, death and betrayal, Chaos still keeps you guessing in this last installment of the Bloodtusk Ravine Saga!

TIP: Do NOT underestimate how angry Khasaanda is.

* Chaos Lord battle unlocks for Free Players NEXT Friday!

/Samba Dance Disco Game!

Are you ready to dance the night away? If YOU want to be able to /samba in-game, then you'd better head over to Samba's disco in Bloodtusk Ravine and get ready to get your fingers movin' to the groove. It's the ONLY way to unlock the member-only /samba emote! You can read Samba's Design Notes about the minigame here!

It's a Frostval Miracle!

We told you guys we didn't think Frostval would make it in this week but.... SURPRISE! We knew all along it'd go in. Frostval Fools! (You're a mean one, Mr. Cysero! You're a devious, prankful soul! /sing)

It's amazing how many of you displayed incredible Frostval Spirit cheering us on or saying you'd understand if we couldn't get the Frostval release out. For all of YOU, we bring the release of Frostvals Past. We'd give everyone else coal, but we're too full of cheer at getting the release out! So, Frostval release present for EVERYONE!

And speaking of PRESENTS: New member-only presents have been stored in the sack behind Cleric Joy in Battleon! Get your gifts now, but remember, they won't open until January 1st!

We've got a TON of super-snowy fun waiting for you when you /join frostvale! So if you haven't joined us for Frostval before, get ready to save the Spirit of Frostval, defeat the frigid twin perils of Ice and Snow Golems, and help your friends celebrate!

NEW Frostval content will be released NEXT Friday! You're going to be up against a chillingly cold-hearted villain this year, vile and dripping with icy venom, so bring your warmest ear-flap hat (Wikipedia tells me it's called an "ushanka"), bundle up and get ready to battle on!

I Can Has Mod: Cysero!

You cannot win Cysero himself, but you CAN win 2 hours with him in-game AND a super-awesome wish! If you haven't heard about this crazy contest before, then you'll want to make sure to read Cysero's deliciously golden, cheezburger-laden Design Notes post!

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