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December 01, 2014

Cyber Monday is LIVE

Tech the Halls in AQWorlds!

Log in now and talk to Zorbak to tech the halls and wreck the matrix! Get your gauntlets on our Techtronic Bike and Cyberg Rider gear, CyberFiend and Digital Dragonfire of Nulgath items! 

Additional gear includes:

  • Digital Drakinator pet
  • DuckStick2000* 
  • Trollinator Helm
  • LEDDragonblade of Nulgath
  • Techtronic bike and Cyberg Rider armor sets
  • Dragon's Blood Energy Blade
  • and more!

* A 100% drop from "The Assistant" and "Supplies for the Wheel of Chance" quests
** The Cyber Chaos Mage and Green Techtronic Bike will not release as scheduled. 

The Nulgath Generation Lives On

As an homage to the earliest Nulgath fans, you'll be able to purchase the Cyber Fiend for 1500 ACs (or 50,000 gold for Legends) to unlock a quest for the helm, cape, and Cyber Talons!

This is a callback to the quests Nulgath the ArchFiend sent his followers on if they wished to be worthy of his rewards, and introduces an entirely NEW generation of AQW Heroes to the Nulgath Nation!


December 02, 2013

Cyber Monday now Live

Check out THESE sweet specs!

Happy Monday! Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? Are you as stuffed as I am? Well I hope you saved room in your inventory bag… because the Cyber Monday shop is NOW OPEN in Battleon!

Cyber Monday in video game AdventureQuest Worlds

Speak with Shadowspan Warrior in Battleon to access the Cyber Monday shop, or easily access this shop directly from the Game Menu!

Cyber Monday online video game shop AdventureQuest Worlds

Get your fill of 30 exclusive Cyber Monday items, including:

  • Blinding LEDestiny Axe
  • Cyber Paladin Armor
  • Overclocked CyberVoid
  • ProtoParagon X1
  • Doom of the Matrix Axe

The Cyber Monday Shop and Shadowspawn package are available until next Monday, December 9.

Head to Battleon now and gear up in technically awesome tech gear!

xoxo Beleen

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