Design Notes

September 14, 2012

Epic Duel War Finale

MechQuest's Dragonoid comes to EpicDuel tonight!

Calling all MechQuest enthusiasts, an exciting crossover event is taking place on the planet Delta V in EpicDuel right now!  Last week, Dravax the Harbinger came seeking Char and brought with him a great danger to the inhabitants of Delta V... the Dragonoid!

In the face of danger, you made your voices loud and clear, choosing to defend Charfade and Delta V!  While noble, your resistance has done little to discourage Dravax and the planet-destroying Dragonoid!

But Charfade is so pleased that you chose to save her, she's constructed a new series of items to offer in her Limited Quantity Shop (not available in AQWorlds), including class-changing variants of the Harbinger Armor!

Will you help defend Charfade and Delta V from near certain doom?  The final hour of judgment approaches in the Dragon's Reckoning event, happening now in EpicDuel!

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