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May 21, 2014

Congratulations Runester333!

The second ‘Design a Release Contest’ winner unleashes Chaos upon the AQWorld this Friday!

Last week, you and your fellow heroes dominated the first-ever player-created release, picked from hundreds of submissions in the Design a Release contest. Thousands of heroes banded together to take down the foulest fowl of all: the Cockatrice, designed by fellow player Alastair Q!

Cockatrice AQWorlds battle monster mmo

And come Friday, May 23, at sundown, it will be time for Runester333 to shine!

Spoiler Alert: Chaos Consumes the Secret Underground Lab…

AdventureQuest Worlds, a land full of arcane magics and tangible chaos, is the brainchild of the tireless mods and programmers who have poured their ideas into it. Unfortunately, they underestimated the true power of the chaos that they created, and the Chaorruption has leaked into the underground lab.

MMO Video game studio goes chaos

After infecting the programmers, it downloaded their deepest thoughts into the game, creating the Chaorrupted lab.

Chaos Artix Secret Underground Lab free mmo

When Beleen’s dream world became a reality during the Valentine’s Day event, no one thought much of it—it was just another update right? WRONG! Programmer after programmer, all of the AQW team have had their consciousness hacked by the game they created and watched as their own personalities formed new dreamworlds throughout the land of lore (at least it saved some time on programming!).

Chaos in video game studio free rpg game AQWorlds

As the team watched, more and more of their ideas poured into these new worlds, and then it happened. The chaos managed to pull the programmers themselves into the game and Chaorrupted them. With the chaos now more powerful than ever and no programmers to give the players a way to stop it time is running out to save the world of lore from complete chaos.

Who's that Chaos Monster?

Can the players band together to save their favorite mods and save the game they love before it is plunged into complete purple havoc?

Who is Runester333?

At the dawn of the plane of Lore, the great mods invited adventurers from other forms of the world, ever so similar but somehow so very different, to inhabit this new realm: AdventureQuest Worlds. The mods granted these heroes a taste of adventure that the adventurers couldn't resist.

Runester333 was one of them.

Runester333 player in free mmo game adventure quest worlds

Not long after, the mods formed the chaos to see what it would do. No one was prepared for what happened next, and since then, Runester333 has been travelling through Lore offering what help he can in subduing this ghastly incorporeal purple entity. 

Having no true form of its own, it has been Chaorrupting all of the mods’ original creations into new, abhorrent, yet somehow awesome, creations. Runester stands ever ready, waiting for Chaos’s next move, and his next chance to advance the fight against it. In this penultimate hour, Runester has allied himself with new adventurers throughout Lore, readying himself for Chaos’s final stand!

chaos final stand in free online rpg

How did Runester333 start playing AQWorlds?

Runester started his AE adventures after a recommendation from a school friend back in 2005. Per his request, Runester333 signed up and logged in… and he instantly fell in love with the game. It filled a niche in the gaming market that nothing at the time could quite replicate. As AE added game after game, Runester tried his hand at each of them, and is still active in most. 

However, AQW is by far his favorite (yay! We think so too!). He started playing back in the Beta phase after seeing the ad on the original AdventureQuest, and has been playing AQW ever since. Runester333 has done his best to collect every character page badge and rare that he could over the years, and has made oh-so-many tough choices on which rares to keep.

“That's the ingenuity in the game—all the chaos that it pumps out!” exclaims Runester333. “There's so many amazing people working to add more and more great ideas, great items, and overall great experiences, it just keeps you coming back every week!” 

What inspired Runester333 to enter this contest?

“Frappuccino, check. Cyberhunter shirt, check. AQW calendar posters, check. Writing space is ready—and the memories come flooding back! AdventureBucks Frappuchino coffee

“I had actually posted a longer, vaguer version of this release onto the AQW feature and functionality suggestion forum just a few weeks prior to the contest, thinking that it would never make it up the ranks and dreaming of an event-design contest. To my utter amazement… a few weeks later the announcement for the contest was posted.

“The stars has aligned and my goal was set, so I set to the work of filling in a more specific plot, designing items, quests, dialogue, everything that need to go into it, painstakingly ensuring that it complied with all the contest regulations. Several hours and one massive headache later (I finally really understand how important the coffee machine is to you guys!) I had my outline designed and I posted it.

“I had a very weird dream—one that I vaguely remember—which inspired the original concept on the idea, and from there I tried to model it a little after the first Lionfang event that was my all-time favorite event. And to this day, is the reason that Halloween is my favorite holiday. 

“After all these years you guys manage to consistently improve every game, but AQW has that community aspect to it along with the history, the legacy, and the memories… it's just an overall incredible game and the chance to have actually influenced the game like this is a dream come true. I can't wait to see servers full of players enjoying my ideas and knowing that I helped each of them make another memory and hopefully a few will have their "Lionfang event experience," that one release that they will always remember and will be the reason that they log on again every Friday for years to come.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Runester333! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing stories with us!  

And come Friday, May 23 at sundown, Runester’s latest story will come to fruition in “The Chaorrupted Lab: Out of the Purple” at !

Want more spoilers about Runester333’s upcoming release? Stay tuned to Memet’s Twitter here, or my Twitter huuuur, or Cysero’s Twitter thuuuurrrr.

Battle on!

xoxo Beleen! =D


May 13, 2014

Congratulations Alastair Q!

The ‘Design a Release Contest’ winner will unleash his diabolical creation this Friday in AdventureQuest Worlds!

A few weeks ago, AQWorlds hosted our first ever “Design a Release Contest,” where 1 grand prize winner would get to see their ideas come to life in a brand new in-game weekly release.

Zard meme Design a Release Contest

But there’s a problem: you guys and gals are just too darn good at storytelling. So we choose 2 grand prize winners: Alastair Q, and Runester333!

This Friday at sundown, you will be making history alongside AdventureQuest Worlds, as you and your fellow heroes embark upon our first-ever player-created weekly release, “The Fell Beast” by Alastair Q!

Spoiler Alert: Gaze into the Mirror Realm…

Once the twisted playground of a foul Warlock, the forces of Order at last razed this evil construction to the ground at the zenith of the Great War against the forces of Alteon. Only the spirits of the fallen lurk here... along with the cursed Warlock's detestable minions.  

Warlock town

Though the war is over in the Mirror Realm, darkness still broods in the heart of King Alteon the Imbalanced's accursed realm. A foul beast known only as a harbinger of disease and rot, the Cockatrice, runs amok without master or influence, ready to strike at the armies of the Champion of Order, Mirror Drakath.

For a while, the beast was trouble enough, carrying intelligence unlike its brethren, but now, events have taken a turn for the worst. Carrying still a semblance of its master's malevolence within, the Cockatrice has stolen from Mirror Drakath and his forces the most vital prize in the Mirror Realm; the Egg containing the developing 13th Beast of Order.

Hiding in the ruins of the Dark Warlock's Dungeon, the beast guards its prize, and you and Mirror Drakath must first locate this foul creature.

Cockatrice AQWorlds mystery

First, you will be heading to Battleoff and Brightfall to question those there as to the beast's whereabouts, before heading into the dark dungeon with Mirror Drakath and facing the hordes of undead who make their home there, all before slaying the fell Cockatrice once and for all!  

Unless you are able to defeat the beast and keep the Egg intact, the realms will be thrown out of balance, allowing Chaos its final victory in your world and those beyond!  

Who is Alastair Q?

Alastair Q is the sort of good-hearted hero who helps the helpless and defends the defenseless, all without expecting a reward from them—the true reward is the satisfaction gained from making someone's life better.

Alastair Q hero

Before falling down a mountain and travelling down the path against Chaos, Alastair Q was simply a mercenary aligned with Good. If there was a job that needed doing, he did, but only if his moral principles would not be violated as a result.

As Sepulchure's forces marched closer to Swordhaven, Alastair took an oath upon himself to protect the realm he loved and to vanquish—or at least slow the process of the Undead, for what mortal can face a Doomknight of the shadow? After the climactic battle in Swordhaven and the subsequent Chaorruption of King Alteon, Alastair swore to do whatever it takes in order to defeat Drakath, all without breaking his morals.

Champion Chaos Drakath

Now, Alastair is more of a lone gun. Even though he will team up when needed, most of the time he's riding solo in his adventures across Lore, gaining the respect of all factions affected by Chaos so as to have the full might of Lore's armies behind him when marching to bring an end to Chaos on Lore.

How did Alastair start playing AQWorlds?

Originally, Alastair was playing the original AdventureQuest back in 2008. He slayed hundreds of foul beasts until he saw an advertisement for AQW, and he thought he may as well go and try it out.

Alastair did, and since 2009, he hasn’t stopped playing!

“I can't really describe what I enjoy about AQW - the beautiful background art, the music (especially in the newer areas), there are just too many details to pin-point.

“If there is anything I love especially, it is the wide range of items available for customization, allowing me to make my character the way I want him to be, without having to worry about what combination of items will be best for combat and instead, being able to enjoy the game, as was intended.”

What inspired Alastair to enter the contest:

“For me, the contest was a means to create a nice, standalone release which connected to the Chaos Saga, which players could enjoy and play through.

"My primary reason for choosing to enter was to contribute to AQW's canon - to form a part of AQW history and play a role, no matter how small, in adding to in-game lore. 

“The second reason would have to be the Cockatrice itself - a very unique beast which rather surprisingly, was not yet present in AQW. There I saw my niche, and built my release around the monster whilst still attempting to retain that blend of humor and seriousness that makes AQW so appealing each and every week.

“The final reason includes the Mirror Realm. All of the other area choices were each appealing in their own way - but the Mirror Realm is perhaps the least unexplored of their own, and being a mirror image of our own Lore, the possibilities for a release were endless! Mirroring the approach of the 13th Lord of Chaos and the end of the Chaos Saga, I pictured things would be going equally well for the forces of Order as they were for Chaos, and so the idea of the 13th Beast of Order came to be.

“Overall, all these reasons are why I chose to join the contest, to try and immortalize an enjoyable release into AQW's canon.

“If I lost, I could at least have the satisfaction of knowing I tried, so I thought I may as well give it a shot. And in the end, is that not what matters - to keep on trying even after loss?”

Such inspiration from an aspiring hero! On behalf of the entire AQWorlds team and all the players who defend the world of Lore, we cannot wait to experience Alastair Q’s release, The Fell Beast, happening this Friday night at (Runester333's release will take place within the next few weeks!)

Stay tuned to the Design Notes, the AQWorlds Facebook Page, and my Twitter for more spoilers about Alastair Q’s release!

Battle on!

xoxo Beleen! =D

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