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May 01, 2012

News-day Tuesday

Dia do Trabalhador!

It's the first of May, and that means it's time to celebrate in countries around the world! In Brasil, it's also the Dia do Trabalhador, and to get into the espírito de celebração we're adding a new armor and helm to the Paymentez shop tonight! Brightly colored and ready for battle, /equip this new gear and you'll be good to go - whether fighting on the field or partying in the streets!

Players in Brasil are able to purchase memberships and AdventureCoins via Paymentez; this unlocks a special shop full of awesome gear!

Cinco de Mayo 2012!

Grab your maracas and string up your sweetest pinata, because Cinco de Mayo is almost here! This Friday night, the Cinco de Mayo 2012 shop will return!

The shop's packed fuller than the pinata pet with equips for the whole /party!

  • Maracas and Dos Maracas weapons!
  • Mariachi Armor!
  • Sombrero and Big Sombrero helms!
  • Pinata Pet! (It leaves a trail of candy when it runs!

And our second favorite part of the Cinco de Mayo holiday: it's Randor the Red's birthday! He will be featuring his birthday shop in HeroSmash this year! So fly on over and grab the gear to smash your opponents while /cheering for Randor!

MechQuest MayPril Fools' Mech

It's the first of May, and if you're familiar with MechQuest, our mecha-robots-in-space game, you'll know that means the Maypril Fools' mech is here! This year, Korin, Maegwyn, and the MQ team have launched the Loki Mecha into orbit... and the holiday shop! (And don't miss the one-day quest!) For more information about the Mecha, head here!

What is MechQuest, you ask?

Good question! MechQuest is the 3rd game released by Artix Entertainment back in 2008. Once you login, you'll begin a journey that catapults you from life as a student at G.E.A.R.S. University (campus location: central Soluna City, Planet Loreon) into one of the key fighters in the war against the evil and powerful Shadowscythe!

Make off-world alliances, right wrongs, and blast through battles across the universe! Armed with an energy blade for on-foot skirmishes and a hangar full of GIANT fighting machines (aka "mecha"), lasers, cannons, explosives - really, anything that goes BOOM - you'll be ready to rock the galaxy and save the universe from total destruction!

What's new in MQ?

Planet Romero is the newest, undead-liest zone in MechQuest's storyline.  Warlic, the Dean of G.E.A.R.S. University, needs your assistance: board your ship and travel to Planet Romero, currently being exploited by the giant conglomerate EbilCorp for pharmaceutical testing.

Investigate reports of creatures described as "walking dead" and meet up with a certain Paladin (we're pretty sure you'll recognize him!) Adventure onward to learn about EbilCorp's latest wonderdrug, Poozom. (Hint: Expect to battle Zombies.  Lots and lots of Zombies!)*

*Thanks to DrDOT and Plasma Charge for the Romero screenshots!

Friday the 13th rares leave tonight!

Have you battled the Sleezter Bunny yet? If not, /join sleezter and take on an army of bunny clones bound to destroy Lore! While you're there, pick up your Friday the 13th rares, because they're leaving tonight!

Shadowscythe Mousepad coming to HeroMart!

We've made ourselves some mousepads! (No ShadowScythe mice, sadly.) We're going to put a small test-batch in HeroMart soon to see how well they sell. If you want to show your allegiance to the ShadowScythe while battling the baddest baddies in Lore, keep any eye on Twitter and the Design Notes for news of when they arrive!

Coming with the mousepad is the epic Shadow Steel armor! The shadows will never be as silent as when you're sneaking through them in this gear! (Made of specially-muffled metal!)

Dage the Evil livedraw tomorrow at 4pm!

If you're online tomorrow at 4PM, make sure to login to AQWorlds and /join stream to see Dage the Evil's first in-game livedraw event and the last of our 5-week Livedraw series! What will he make? That's up to you! But knowing Dage, it'll be EPIC!

See you guys tomorrow as we continue working our fingers to the bone (skeleton reference!) to create the first release in Doomwood Part 2: Whispers of the Darkness Lord!

May 05, 2011

Celebration-Shop Sensation!

The Limited Quantity Shop Returns this Saturday

You can expect to see Khuddar and his Limited Quantity Shop THIS SATURDAY starting at exactly 10:00 AM server time. The shop will be around for one week (or until all items are gone), and pricing is still to be determined. As usual, items which haven't sold out from the last shop will be included in THIS shop, which will contain at least:

  • 5,000 of Dage's Aurus Via set (armor, helm, and weapon)
  • 9,000 of Mennace's Electric Thunder Battle-Axe 
  • 20,000 of Mennace's Earth Piercer Axe

An elite rank of Paladins, Auros Via warriors- Defenders of the Golden Way- are marked by the distinctive winged helm and the solid gold trim. The plating is treated with a Prismatic Potion, and changes color according to the warrior's whim. Only those who have proven their honor, bravery, and steadfastness are considered for the title. Wear it well, Hero!

* Here is a handy time-zone converter

Cinco de Mayo Supplies

It's the Fifth of May, and that means mad Cinco de Mayo celebrations are underway! And to join in the fun, we're bringing back a shop full of crazy-awesome accoutrements for you to equip. If you're looking for colorful gear that will let you look your best while busting through enemies like they were filled with candy, check out:

  • Maracas 11 mace
  • Dos Maracas 11 daggers
  • Pinata 11 pet 
  • Sombrero and Big Sombrero helms
  • and the Mariachi Armor 11 

Rock out for Randor the Red's Birthday

Help us with a very happy birthday to our favorite wallpaper-maker, Randor the Red! And to celebrate, he wants to give YOU gifts, instead of the other way around. So for the past few weeks, he's been laboring in secret (and not so secret, since he's posted some previews on Twitter) to bring these gifts to you:

  • Forest Tiger 11 pet
  • Dragonwings of Destiny 11 daggers (CC and non-CC)
  • Raised and Lowered Goggles helms
  • Shocking Raised and Lowered Goggles helms
  • Spiky Raised and Lowered Goggles helms
  • Raised and Lowered Aviatrix helms
  • Crustacean Crusher 11 daggers (CC and non-CC)

The Cinco de Mayo and Randor birthday shops leave on Monday. Enjoy the mini-release day and be sure to join us tomorrow for our weekend release (We're starting an all-new story and will release our Mother's Day shop on Sunday!) And remember...


AEXtras is still a great way to get FREE ADVENTURECOINS and even FREE ARTIX POINTS, and with new Inventory, Bank slots and Premiere Event rares to buy there's never been a better time!

 Just CLICK HERE to get started!

Or, You can jump onto your Master Account and start earning free Artix Points using AExtras and use those Points to get stuff in ANY of our games!

May 02, 2011

Poisons, Potions, and Peril

King Alteon is in danger, and so is Alina

King Alteon's Royal Potionmistress has returned from extensive travelling just in time to see an attempt on her beloved sovereign's life when his foodtaster is poisoned! Her long-time loyalty doesn't save Alina from being a suspect; after all, she IS a master at mixing poisons and potions. 

When her aide is poisoned as well, Alina has to clear her name of attempted regicide AND assistant-assault. An acquaintance well-versed in esoteric poisons is HER chief suspect, but she'll need your help to prove it! 

Friday the 13th is Fast Approaching

The countdown to this year's ONLY Friday the 13th event begins... now! We've got 11 days to finish building our most epic event yet, featuring Voltaire and the wild, wild, wildest music your favorite goth guru has to give! So clear your calendars and make sure to join us next Friday! 

Time to Celebrate

We've got some hot shop-ics to talk about! The Cinco de Mayo shop is returning on May 5th with all the seasonal rares you rave about, and maybe some new collectibles to covet. 

Mother's Day is the 7th of May, and if you love your mom as much as I love mine, you'll want to pelt her with pixellated proof of your gratitude!  And don't forget the most madcap, google-geared wall-paper-maker of Lore, because it's Randor the Red's birthday this week! He'll have a birthday shop full of boss-some goodies for you to buy!

Holiday Shops are Heading Out Soon

We know you love the gear, but the holiday shops can't stay here! The HeroSmash Launch shop, the Windsor Wedding shop, and the Grenwog event will be leaving this Friday, so make sure to shop until you drop! (Your inventory, that is, because it's so heavy.)

HeroSmash Founders are Foundational

HeroSmash is hurtling full-steam ahead into being a smash-tastic MMO of epic proportions! If you haven't gotten your VIP membership in HeroSmash yet, then now's a great time to upgrade! Not only will you get membership in BOTH Artix Entertainment MMOs, but if you upgrade before May 26th, you'll also become a HeroSmash Founder!

The only way to become a Founder is to support HeroSmash with a new HeroSmash upgrade, re-newal, or SmashCoin purchase during the first 30 days of launch. You can upgrade using any method available on the Artix Entertainment portal site:  

Have a nifty night, and we'll see you tomorrow when we venture once more into the Secret Underground Lab, land of games, gratuitous nerf-gun battles, and unexpected undead-attacks!

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