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July 20, 2010

RIP Best Boss Mug

Farewell old friend

Alas... my favorite mug* has fallen in battle** and was thrown away before I came into the lab today. I shall never forget all of the days I have spent drinking boiling hot green tea... which I have always underestimated and burned my tongue on and then not able to taste lunch because I had that wierd burnt mouth-hurt feeling... while you would sit there next to my computer while I worked on the games, being warmed by my computer's overheated video card...  I would raise my mug and toast to you.... but my hand is empty... and you are somewhere, up, there, in Heaven's Starbucks. Because... I am pretty sure... there are Starbucks everywhere. Green Tea On my old friend!

Battle Mug
R.I.P. Best Boss Mug, July 30*** 20, 2010

* Ehem... no, I did not buy it for myself.
** ... well, maybe not in battle, but it has "fallen"
*** I guess that is how time Travel Faeries show their respect? O_O

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