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September 04, 2013

Aranx’s Birthday on Friday!

Angels know how to celebrate!

I bet you’re wondering what Beleen does on a daily basis. Besides tormenting poor Artix with an endless onslaught of pink shenanigans, I help write quests, storylines, cutscene scripts, item descriptions, the weekly newsletter, design notes, Facebook updates, random Twitter tweets, the Artix weekly write-up, and item uploads (setting them up, uploading, testing, re-uploading, testing some more, finding bugs...trying to squash bugs...having Alina squash the bugs for me...and getting the files ready for Friday night).

And today I had the pleasure of uploading Aranx’s birthday items into our database (and of COURSE I had to share them with you)!

Descended Amadis Aranx birthday

I uploaded, tested, named, and described 9 of Aranx’s Birthday Items ascending from the heavens this Friday night for his special day. Above you will see the Descended Amadis Armor, equipped with color custom Descended Amadis Wings and the Tousled Archangel Hair (helm).

Descended Amadis Aranx birthday

If you wish to follow a darker route, check out the above armor. He’s wearing the Fallen Amadis Armor, the Scar of the Fallen Amadis helm, and the massive Fallen Amadis Annex wings.

And here’s a few more birthday presents Aranx has for you.

More Aranx birthday presents

…oh how I wish Aranx would have a birthday every week!

But this weekend we can all enjoy Aranx’s birthday. Yippie!

xoxo Beleen

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September 03, 2013

Monday in Disguise!

It’s Tuesday. Feels like Monday. Excited about Friday!

OH YAY! Thank goodness I found you here. I’ve got a bunch of stuff I want to share with you because this week—and the next few weeks actually—are going to FLY BY sooo fast because…well… just take a look at what’s going on this week aaaaaand I’ll fill you in with more details soon…ish.  

Wheel of Doom

Ladies and Gentleman! Berserkers and Guardians! Step right up and take a spin on the Wheel of Doom. Don’t be shy—every spin wins a prize!

Wheel of Doom

When you /join doom, enter Swaggy’s friendly-looking tent and give the Wheel of Doom a spin. Want to find out more?  Click this link here and Alina will explain everything to you. For wheel =D 

Siege the Day

Despite your best efforts, Swordhaven continues to be consumed by Chaos! We cannot let Chaos win, Hero!

Swordhaven under Siege

Looks like we need to take a different approach to defeating Chaos… so how about a minigame?! This Friday evening, defend the kingdom of Swordhaven in a ‘Castle-Defense’ style minigame. I just hope you can save the city from the Chaotic Siege!

Happy Birthday Aranx!

Everyone’s favorite Archangel Aranx is ascending into another year older! In order to celebrate, Aranx wishes to share with YOU his glorious Fallen Amadis Armor Set.

Aranx Birthday items preview

On Friday evening, you can become one of Aranx’s Fallen Amadis—who fights for Good or Evil, your choice!—and test your angelic aptitude against the forces of Chaos.

A Pirate’s Sneak Peak

Talk Like a Pirate Day only be a few short weeks away, but Solrac wants t’give all ye landlubbers ‘nd scallywags a sneak-peek at…

Galactic Naval Commander Preview

Galactic Naval Commander Armor Set!

Avast! This Naval Commander be out of this world, matey. Ye might be able to plunder s’more pirate spoilers on Solrac’s Twitter… if me doesn’t steal them for the Design Notes first!


xoxo (skulls and crossbones?) Beleen

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List Maker

July 19, 2013

MORE Swanky Gear from Aranx

Find His Featured Artist shop in Your Game Menu!

Fight for the Light when you join the ranks of the followers of Aranx! Our Featured Artist for the weekhas just released NEW items for his shop. Find it in your Game Menu this weekend; time is running out before the shop leaves, and no one knows when it will return!

fantasy game heroWill you walk in the light or follow the darkness?

#YOLO, so Look Good While Doing It!

Find the White and Black Tailcoat armor sets in your Game Menu now! All of the new items will go rare, so you have until the countdown timer hits 0 Tuesday evening to get your hands on them!

Swanky Gear YOLO online MMO game

The shop contains AC and Legend versions of:

  • Black Tailcoat
  • White Tailcoat
  • Swanky White Tophat
  • Swanky Black Tophat
  • White Tophat 'n Tresses
  • Black Tophat 'n Tresses
  • White Horsehead Cane
  • Black Horsehead Cane

And a free-player gold version of the Golden Horsehead Cane!

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I'm an Angel, too =p

July 16, 2013

Aranx Ascends!

Today’s Featured Artist Shop

It’s Tuesday! And it’s time for another Featured Artist Showcase Shop!

Limited Time Featured Artist Showcase Shop

You will find the brand-new Artist Shop in the Game Menu as soon as you log in. And this week we are featuring the amazing artwork of Aranx!

Plate of Hope

Plate of Hope Armor


600 AdventureCoins

 Spear of Hope

Spear of Ardor


200 AdventureCoins

 Wings of Faith

Wings of Faith


120 AdventureCoins

 Divinity Bow

Divinity Bow

17,160 Gold for Members

or 175 AdventureCoins

 Good Omen Warhammer

Good Omen Warhammer

25,160 Gold for Members

or 200 AdventureCoins

 Fierce Blessing

 Fierce Blessing Cape

13,337 Gold for Members

or 125 AdventureCoins

 Wings of Infinity

Wings of Infinity

50,000 Gold for Members

or 200 AdventureCoins

 Celestial Warrior

Celestial Warrior

25,500 Gold for Members

or 435 AdventureCoins

 Celestial Warrior Cape

Celestial Warrior Cape

2,000 Gold

 Celestial Warrior Helmet

Celestial Warrior Helmet

17,160 Gold for Members

or 65 AdventureCoins

 Emerald Maripose Wings

 Emerald Maripose Wings

13,337 Gold for Members

or 100 AdventureCoins

 Twilght Monarch Wings

Twilight Monarch Wings

13,337 Gold for Members

or 100 AdventureCoins

 Sunrise Heliconius Wings

Sunrise Heliconius Wings

13,337 Gold for Members

or 100 AdventureCoins

 No Particular Style Hairstyle

 "No Particular Style" Hairstyle

500 Gold

 Fake Female Glasses

Fake Glasses Female

1,500 Gold

 Fake Glasses Male

 Fake Glasses Male

1,500 Gold

 Windswept Hair

 Windswept Hairstyle

500 Gold

 Hipster Sweatervest

 Hipster Sweatervest

19950 Gold for Members

or 425 AdventureCoins

 Galaxy Outfit

Galaxy Outfit

19,950 Gold for Members

or 250 AdventureCoins

 Wings of Hope

 Wings of Hope

25,550 Gold for Members

or 50 AdventureCoins

Who is Aranx?

The Archangel Aranx is shrouded in mystery. Not much is known about this Archangel… and he wants to keep it that way! His angelic attributes are expressed through his work and perhaps one day we will discover the past behind Aranx!

Aranx NPC

Aranx was born and raised in Denmark, and his artistic inspiration came from the beauty of art, cartoons, and the ocean. He is a huge fan Brenton Thwaites and loves to watch Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, and Nikita. Aranx started playing AdventureQuest a long, long time ago, and has worked with AQWorlds as an Assistant Artist for a year and a half now. Aranx’s favorite thing about AE is the art…and with his help, we are able to bestow unsurpassed beauty upon AQWorlds!

Discover your own artistic inspiration with Aranx’s Featured Artist Shop Items arriving later today!

xoxo Beleen

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Mama of Memos

July 15, 2013

Monday Memorandum

and Member Mania!

Happy Monday! Did you have a fantastic weekend? Just wait and see what fun we have in store for you this week to make things even more fantastic!

Tuesday’s Featured Artist Shop

The Featured Artist Showcase Shop launches tomorrow afternoon! And this week we are showcasing the AMAZING art of Aranx!

Aranx NPC

Aranx is hailed for his beautiful art style, and come Tuesday afternoon, his creations will take flight into the fight!

Aranx item preview

Check back tomorrow for everything you need to know about Aranx and all his items with breakdowns of names and prices.

Members have ALL the Fun!

You love AdventureQuest Worlds. And AdventureQuest Worlds loves you too! Show your favorite MMO lots of love by becoming a Member today!

Member Perks banner

When you become a Member, you unlock amazing perks like:

  • Create your own Guild and invite your friends
  • 3,000+ items are Member-Only!
  • Master more than 20 special Classes
  • Wield powerful & rare Weapons
  • Don yourself in amazing Armors
  • Explore exclusive Member-Only Areas
  • Dual-wield Swords & Shields
  • Increase your Weapon damage
  • Adopt hundreds of Pets
  • Receive 2 free Treasure Chest Keys from Twilly at the first of every month
  • Earn 50 ACs for each Treasure Chest Key you sell back
  • And so much more!

And this week, our awesome Members are receiving:

  • Special email with FREE gifts from Artix himself
  • Game Testing for Guilds Phase II: Guild Cities
  • Legendary Hero Class—brand new Skills!
  • Legendary Hero Armor Set
  • Name change from “AQW Member” to “Legend”

Legendary Hero Class and Armor Set

It is because of our wonderful Members who make AdventureQuest Worlds possible for everyone to enjoy! Without our Members...and coffee… your favorite fantasy game could have never accomplished everything bestowed before you... past, present, and future!

When you upgrade to a Member, not only are you scoring tons of Membership perks listed above, but you are also supporting and fueling the AQWorlds team so that we can continue pumping out new, exciting, and totally epic releases every week of the year. Thank you for making all of this possible =D

If you haven’t already done so…

Become a Member today!

xoxo Beleen

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News Maker

September 17, 2012

Rare Gear and New Info to Know

3rd Birthday Event Goes Rare in October!

For AQWorlds' 3rd birthday, our musical guests really were gigantic stars, literally! They Might Be Giants battled with you on a trip through time, space, and a giant hamster cage... but the time has come for them to go back to that little birdhouse in their soul, and their gear leaves with them on October 10th, 2012!

The following content goes PERMANENTLY RARE October 10th:

  • Tokens of Vindication Merge Shop!
  • The first pieces of the Vindicators of They set!
  • Super-Fan Swag Merge Shop!
  • It Might Be A House Item Shop!
  • A 1 Hour EXP Boost!
  • 10 storyline quests!
  • Many side quests and hidden quests!
  • 5 member-only bonus quests in the Member-only Lab map!
  • Member and non-member daily quests!
  • Faction quests which will reward you with 5,000 Rep each!

AQWorlds in the Google Chrome Store...

And we need your reviews to get our rank up! (Usually you play to rank up your character. This time you're /ranking up AQW!) Head here to review AQWorlds and here to share your thoughts on Bladehaven!

Note: You'll need the Google Chrome browser installed to view most apps.

Battleon Shops Leaving Today!

Though the gear was great, all good shops must close their doors. Aranx's birthday shop, the Obrigado shop, and the Cave art shop are leaving Battleon this evening. This is your last chance to get their epic equips before they're gone!

Derp Horse goes "Derp derp derp"

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