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December 05, 2011

Akidz and FallenPaladin

Tales of adventure, pinky fingers, and wishes

Congratulations once again to Akidz and FallenPaladin, the winners of the 1st round of the CAN I HAS MOD contest! This weekend, I had the honor of adventuring with both of these awesome players. I was very proud of both of them for making selfless wishes that benefited all of you, and not just themselves. Therefore, I did something very special for each of them. I hope future winners of the contest are as cool, fun and awesome as these two players are!

Akidz, Winner #1

As a long time player... Akidz was completely shocked to find out he had won the contest. Mostly because, he did not think he had entered! His little sister was playing his account and got the Golden Cheezburger.

I have an idea for a special photo album..."How about we create a special photo album for
all of my undead friends out there?"

Played AE Games since - The original AdventureQuest
Logins - 3,884
Wish - A non-member pet themed after billy the Kid (The golden Cheezburger magically transformed into this item.)
From us: For his selfless wish that made so many players happy, and because he is the 1st ever winner... We bought him 1 Million AdventureCoins. He is now the first, and to my knowledge, only "AdventureCoin-ion-aire" with a total of 1,000,366 ACs.
Our adventure: He is undead.... so, um, as his sworn assistant he took me around the game making a special photo album for all of the other undead players out there to.. um... enjoy!

First we visited undead battlefields.

Graveyard doom

Then, in anticipation of Frostvale, he fed the Ice Dragons.

Frostvale doom

Then, he helped me identify all of my weaknesses and allergies to specific colors.

Rainbow doom

Then we played a very special version of Punt Twilly. (Hey, I can see my house from here!)

Punt Artix

... it went on for hours. And hours. O_O. (Any healers in the house?)


FallenPaladin, Winner #2

When it came time for FallenPaladin to make his wish... he asked you for help on the forums. He made a very bold and controversial wish that revealed Wish List: How to use #2!

I wish...."Uh oh... here comes the Genie Wish Lawyer! "

Wish List: How to use #2

In the event that a wish will break fundamental game play, upset a player or group of players, or in any way result in problems or complications for the staff or game... a Genie Lawyer will be summoned from the forbidden plane of litigious wishes. If the wish was made with good intentions, the Genie will begin to negotiate a wish that will benefit the wish maker. If the wish was made out of spite, hate, greed or bad intentions, the Genie is allowed to use their powers of “wish legalese” to re-interpret the wish. If the genie is “unclear” on a certain part of the wish… even if it makes perfect sense to everyone else, the Genie is allowed to ask random players online questions and replace parts of the original wish with their answer.  


The armor he wished for is one of the most challenging items in the game to obtain. The Wish Genie felt it would be unfair to the players who worked so hard for it if it was given away. Also, the detail and animation on the original armor creates a great amount of graphics lag. So instead, a new, different version of the armor will be created in FallenPaladin's honor. It will be available for 24 hours only starting this Wednesday.

Played AE Games since - The original AdventureQuest
ID#: 89,145 (Woah! Super low! He was a Beta tester) 
Wish - A special re-crafted and different "wish" variant of Dage's Undead Legend armor will be released on Wednesday, non-member, 0g, for all players. This will be available through an NPC version of FallenPaladin which will be located in Dage's room in ShadowFall for 24 hours only starting Wednesday.
From us: For making a selfess wish that benefits all players, FallenPaladin is granted the title of Ambassador of Evil and will be giving you the item personally from Dage's room in ShadowFall on Wednesday. As Ambassador, he gets full access to Dage's arsenal. (Note: The bonus from us, if we give it, will be different for each player.)
Our adventure: We battled monsters across the world with other players and mods! ...and I got to battle my mirror image, Super Undead Artix!

Super Undead Artix


One-Eyed Doll

The band is currently on tour. This weekend, former special musical guest, One-Eyed Doll, had a concert not too far from the Secret Underground Lab.  They stopped by to visit. Kimberly signed 25 of our "The NPC's: Critical Hits" CDs (One Eyed Doll sang the 1st track on the CD "Battle on!") 2 of them are being mailed to the winners of the contest and 20 are being put up for sale on . We gave the band a bunch of goodies including the new Artix Entertainment T-shirt. So.......... later that night we went to the show and were SHOCKED when Kimberly came out on stage wearing the T-shirt we gave her. She had rock-ripped-shredded-awesome-a-fied it into a heavy metal stage dress. She dedicated a song to us and actually played "Battle On!" in front of the 1,500 person St. Petersburgh State Theater audience! There is something... unforgettable.... about witnessing an out of control mosh pit rage on to our all-age's game community's theme song... O_O

One-Eyed Doll Concert

"Screenshot or it did not happen!"

If you want one of the 20 signed copies of NPC's Critical Hits CDs that Kimberly from One-Eyed Doll signed or the new Artix Entertainment T-shirt, hurry to before we run out.

THIS FRIDAY! New Contest, Frostvale, and CHAOS LORD

The next 13 months of AQWorlds are going to be crazy!!! Starting with this weekend... when we at long last go up against the Bloodtusk Ravin's Chaos Lord! Also, our wintery, holiday Frostvale event returns, giving everyone a chance to catch up before we expand it this year. Meanwhile, Cysero has been working on new mid-week releases. Talking about Cysero, he is up NEXT as the prize for the I CAN HAS MOD contest. A brand new golden cheezburger will appear in shops on Friday with the release. 

Forum/Twitter/Facebook Question: How many Chaos Lord have you personally defeated? ... and how many can you SOLO? Tweet or Book it!

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