Design Notes

October 04, 2010

National Taco Day!

You are what you eat… literally.

Your wait is finally over! October 4th is National Taco Day! And since today is that day… prepare yourself for a taco-licious buffet of adventure.

Tacos Rule
Macho Taco, the Grande Supreme Tacomancer, is waiting for you in Battleon. You can’t miss him. He’s, um, the giant Taco with a Taco on his head. Who is holding Destructo-Tacos. Yummy!

Macho Taco will be in town from now until next Monday, offering you the following Seasonal Items (mmm, seasonings…)

  • Tacobender Helm
  • Destructo-Tacos
  • Taco Admiral Helm (Male)
  • Taco Admiral Helm (Female)

But wait, there’s more! Macho Taco has a Quest for every Taco lover to get the highly sought after Tacomancer Armor. This Armor is Non-Member, so as long as you have a great taste for Tacos (and complete his pretty difficult quest) you too can become a Tacomancer ^___^ 


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