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June 02, 2014

Summer of Chaos 2014

Friday: the 13 Lords of Chaos Saga Finale! 

Drakath, the Champion of Chaos, waits for you at the top of Mount DoomSkull this weekend! Battle your way up the treacherous mountain, defeat Chaorrupted creatures, and remember your victory over (or defeat for the first time) each of the first 12 Lords of Chaos! The Summer of Chaos starts this Friday!

Drakath is waiting!

Summer of Chaos Schedule

We are going to start this summer off with an EXPLOSIVE event: Drakath is waiting for you at the top of Mount DoomSkull, and the Champion of Chaos is growing impatient! 

Who are you rooting for? #TeamAlliance? Or #TeamChaos?

  • June 6: 13th Lord of Chaos
  • June 13: “Hero Attacks Lore: Part 1” - Attack on Willowcreek
  • June 20: “Hero Attacks Lore: Part 2” - Battle to Save the Vampire Queen
  • June 27: “Hero Attacks Lore: Part 3” - Conquest of Lair / Chaos Beast Gauntlet
  • July 3: Legend-only Dungeons release
  • July 11: Battleon PVP: Alliance vs Chaos
  • July 18: Drakath’s Story 1
  • July 25: Drakath’s Story 2
  • August 1: Death’s Judgement, Gravelyn’s Choice
  • August 8: Shadowfall Rises
  • August 15: Dragon Hero vs Dragon Drakath/Queen of Monsters
  • August 22: Into Chaos: Chaos Lord Gauntlet

This Friday: Conquer Mount DoomSkull!

In order to reach the top of Mount DoomSkull and face Drakath, you'll need to battle your way throgh a mountain's worth of Chaos monsters AND have completed each of the previous Chaos storylines to advance further.*

This week, we are going to add helper NPCs to some of the more complex storylines (like Chronospan and Bloodtusk), as well as adding in a "Skip" button if you cannot pass minigames attached to main storylines areas.

What happens once you hit the top of the mountain? Log in this weekend to see! If you survive, you'll be able to unlock the Chaos Slayer Class for rank 10 Chaos Rep OR purchase it for 2000 AdventureCoins! Stay tuned for more art previews next week!

* If you are a Legend, you can choose to skip through each of the portals all the way up to the top. Bonus! (Though you REALLY should play through all the storylines to understand what is happening!

PS: The Chaorrupter Locked weapon evolves either this Friday or Monday!

PPS: Some of you will remember the "Into Chaos" release that we launched several months ago. That was all a halluncination induced by Drakath to make you THINK your battle was almost over! How very, very wrong he was! (The rewards from that release will be available this Summer. We have reworked the opening of the 13th Lord of Chaos Saga and think you will enjoy THIS version much, MUCH better!)

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