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May 08, 2014

Contest Winners Chosen

Good for Prizes, Great for Friendships!

Over the last several months, we've held a LOT of contests! We love seeing how excited you guys get, and we love even MORE seeing what you all do when the contests involve creativity. Yesterday, I met both C99 and Armaghan in-game to share the good news! They were both winners in our recent contests!

Dage's Birthday Poster Contest

Back in February, when we were preparing for Dage's Birthday, we said anyone who bought a BladeMaster Class OR earned one using Legion Tokens would be entered into a pool for an exclusive signed and personalized copy of the Legro Inmortuorum poster!

Tendou No Mazo and C99 hanging out!

We had very little luck contacting winners through email (that's why we ask you to make SURE you have access to the email account attached to your AQW account!), so yesterday when I got the contact info of the latest winner and saw he was ONLINE RIGHT THEN(!!!!) I hopped in-game and shared the happy news!

C99: You'll receive your poster (signed by Dage AND Artix!) in a few weeks. Congratulations again!

Dage's Dark Key Mystery Chest

Armaghan's name was drawn from among the lucky heroes who'd received the Dage's Dark Key as a reward drop from the Wheel of Doom! EVERYONE who got the dark key now has a dark and deadly sword from Dage the Evil in their inventory, but Armaghan's prize is still in development: a custom-made weapon just for him from Dage the Evil!

Congratulations, Armaghan!

What did you think of this contest? Would you like to see us do more of these prizes? Include other artists? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, and the forum!

AQW Contests Bring Heroes Together!

Last night I got an email from Runester333, one of the "Design Your Own AQW Release" contest winners, and what he had to say genuinely touched me and the rest of the AQW team! (I think Yorumi, the lab's coldest coder, even melted a bit!)

He had this to say:

Alastair and I... have been talking alot and just started helping each other complete quests and earn char-page badges. I think it'd be cool for the players to see how winning the contest brought two people on opposite sides of the Atlantic who had never even heard of each other before into a great friendship, and the role of AQW in forging friendships that wouldn't be possible without it. 

We chose contest winners based on how appealing and interesting we found the entries... but it looks like we also helped a new friendship form! /cheer!

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