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April 08, 2013

Battle Through the Stars

Friday: J6 Saga Finale Part 2!

Log in now to battle across the galaxy with J6 the Bounty Hunter! Last week we released Part 1 of his epic, 2-year storyline. This week, Part 2 of the finale will bring ALL the secrets to light as we disclose the mystery of J6! Who IS J6, and why is he REALLY hunting across the galaxy?

If you haven't already begun your journey through space, take a look at Beleen's J6 Saga Walkthrough to board the spaceship to new worlds of fun! 

Astral Guardian Double Set Package!

This Friday, April 12th, soar through the stars and defend entire dimensions with the Astral Guardian and Astral Wanderer sets!

The Limited Time Astral Guardian Shop will be available until sometime in May and includes 11 AC items OR...

  • Get all 11 PLUS 2 Member-only exclusive items for free when you buy a 3 Month Membership package! 
  • Get all 11 items for free if you buy a 5,000 Adventure Coin package!

Astral Guardian Set

The shop will include:

  • Astral Guardian Armor
  • Astral Wanderer Armor
  • Universal Shield Wings
  • Runic Universal Wings
  • Color-custom Double Wings
  • Gilded Double Wings
  • Astral Runic Cape
  • Universal Runic Seal
  • Shadowed Runic Seal
  • Astral Guardian Hood
  • Astral Wanderer Hood
  • Ringed Wanderer Hood (member-only!)

Astral Wanderer Set

Member-package exclusive items are:

  • Color-custom Wings 
  • Ringed Wanderer Hood 

Become a Warp Necromancer!

Don't forget: the Warp Necromancer is still here, but the shop will leave in the few weeks! Once it does, the ONLY way to get the gear will be by finding the Warp Necromancer CAPE Shop from another player! You'll need to click their cape to open up a Cape shop you can use. 

Buy the Necro Warpmancer Cape in your game menu for 1,000 ACs to unlock a second shop with the armor, daggers, and helm! The cape gives a bonus to Rep as long as you have it equipped AND if another player clicks your cape, it opens a shop so they can buy one, too!

Don't Forget!

  • Grenwog goes rare for another year on Wednesday!
  • The seasonal Earth Day event with Captain Lore returns next week AND...
  • Get ready to battle your way to the center of Lore as magic grows VERY unstable!
  • The Evil Undead Limited Time shop ends TOMORROW at 11:59pm server time!
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