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February 01, 2013

Sneak Peak!

I just HAD to show you these!

Your favorite traveling sales Moglin, Quibble, is making his way back to Battleon tonight. And he’s got some of the most EPIC items I have ever seen!

Don’t believe me? Pppffft. Here’s the proof:

Quibble Thunderforge

They aren’t even pink, and yet these armors, helms, and weapons are totally awesome still! Make sure you’ve got enough AdventureCoins to score these awesome armor sets (and bragging rights).

But that’s not all!

Feast your eyes on these armor sets arriving tonight during the Graveclaw storyline.

Graveclaw preview

Graveclaw is one bad beast, but the items you can get make up for his ferocity. The set Caffeinator is wearing on the left even has color custom features!

Stay tuned later today for even more previews of the amazing items in store for you and your heroic buddies!

Spoiler Alert On! =D

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