Design Notes

April 10, 2013

HeroMart Joins the Dark Side

Support the ShadowScythe with a ShadowShirt!

The newly-redesigned ShadowScythe T-Shirt combines the two previous shirts into one. The Shadowscythe logo is in a deeper blood red and the philigry (that stuff in the back) is a darker black on black color.

Mido & Miko are in the photos modeling the shirt.

The Shadowscythe T-Shirt comes with the Shadowscythe Follower Pet with TWO owner-only quests!

The Shadowscythe Follower is VERY good at its job!

Complete the quests to get the following gear: 

  • Dark Blade of the Shadowscythe
  • Shadowscythe Tentacles Cape
  • Shadowscythe Watcher Cape

Darkly-awesome items of Darkness!

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