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January 11, 2014

Shadowfall Chaos Questions

When Does This Release Take Place in the Timeline?

Good question, anonymous Hero! This week's release DOES take place before you confront Drakath for the first time in the "Into the Chaos Realm" release (that went live in November 2013).

Due to unforeseen delays, we cannot move forward with the end of the 13 Lords of Chaos Saga just yet, as was originally planned. (The beginning of the year was going to take place entirely inside the Chaos realm.)

While we wait for those delays to get taken care of, I want to revisit the rest of Lore and see what has happened to all our NPCs post-Chaos storyline. (As opposed to just doing a month or two full of unrelated one-off releases. I want to keep as much Chaos happening as possible.)

To that end, the Shadowfall release is the first of a series where you're going to have to help your friends across Lore prepare for the Final Chaos War!

My question for YOU is:

Which of your long-time friends and allies do you want to revisit first? We're going to need to help Lore build up its defenses and prepare before we face Drakath! #RallyLoreBeforeTheWar

Note: If you have not finished the King Alteon storyline, Gravelyn's text is different so that there are no spoilers.

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