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January 06, 2014

Shadowfall in Chaos

This Friday: Defend the Empress and Shadowfall!

As Chaorruption spreads throughout the land, the forces of Chaos turn their attention to Empress Gravelyn’s dracolich fortress in Shadowfall. While Empress Gravelyn commands the defense team from inside the fortress, you must clear the bridges and lock the gates that lead up to her castle.

You have been summoned by the Empress!

Bonebreak the Vile, Shadowfall Commander, waits outside the gates to aide you. Destroy the Chaorrupted invaders threatening Gravelyn's safety as you fight to close the gates before even MORE intruders flood in!

Vokun's Knight of Rage and Fury

After you save the dracolich fortress from Chaorruption, you will unlock a shop full of dark and deadly gear as a reward from the Empress of Evil to her most valiant defender:

  • Shadowfall Knight armor set
  • Blade of Rage and Fury
  • Undead and Chaos-themed weapons
  • And more!

Last Chance for Quibble Gear and Rares!

Also Releasing This Week!

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