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November 05, 2013

Wedding Bells

My real life wedding... inspired by AQWorlds

Greetings and salutations friends! I am not writing to you as the character Artix today. Instead, I am writing to you from my heart as Adam Bohn, the Founder/CEO of Artix Entertainment. You are an extremely important part of my life. For the past 11 years we have built entire worlds together. During our journey together, I have shared everything with you. Which is why I want you to be a part of the most important moment of my life outside of our gaming universe... because... I am getting married!!

1st AQWorlds Wedding

The 1st wedding event that we ever had in AQWorlds was Bella and Marco, which took place nearly 5 years ago. Nulgath designed the groom's armor which was half-suit/half-armor and the bride was wearing pure white... and there were wedding crashers. There are always wedding crashers. Since then we have celebrated many AE Team members weddings with in-game events. The epic love story between Alina & Rolith, the wedding of Cysero & Nursey, and who could forget Nythera's or J6's weddings. Each was different, and each was very special. 

Cysero's Wedding

Five years ago, I met Trinni, the love of my life. If you saw my run on the American Ninja Warrior TV show, then you may remember them showing my fiance. She is the only person I have ever met that has never called me "weird."  We started as friends, but our love grew like the world tree. When you find "the one," It changes you... it makes you want to be a better person.

You and I (along with our gaming community) have a long history of doing crazy things... and coming up with the ideas together. We think differently than other people. So how about we switch things around? If the weddings we have done previously in-game are "art imitating life"... then my wedding should be "life imitating art imitating life." The groomsmen will actually be wearing half-suit/half-armor and my loving bride to be will be in pure white. Dage will be the head usher, wearing a massive amount of armor -- mostly because we cannot get him to not wear it. We have never had a viewing of the "real life wedding" before in game -- honestly I am not even sure if it is a good idea. *smiles* But I like trying new things. It will be weird in one respect... it will not be Artix getting married, it will be the real me. So... a request from the friendly guy behind the character:

Can you help me design a wedding event in AQWorlds for the real me? This is going to require some very clever and creative writing. Wedding on!

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