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February 04, 2014

AQW Patch Notes

Updated List of Fixed Bugs in AQWorlds

We've pulled in extra programming help to keep smashing all those AQW bugs that have infested your characters! (/Cheer for Llussion!) You can see a list of other recently fixed bugs on this Lorepedia page, but in the future, keep an eye on THIS PAGE in the Bug Tracker to see which of your issues has been addressed!

Top Priority Bugs List

Do you see any we've missed? If so, report them on our Bug Tracker so we can get them fixed!

Note: Only the top priority bugs that require a programmer's time to fix are listed here. We fix bugs every week as we hear about them!

Class Bugs

  • Dragonslayer's scorched steel skill fixed! It now does the right amount of damage.
  • Dragonslayer's scorched steel skill fixed! It now calculates the correct amount of damage (based on 140% of yor base damage)
  • Palading High Lord's Light Wave fixed! 5% reduction on enemies is applied.
  • Darkside's Bloodboil fixed! Now doubles your weapon damage.
  • Blood Titan skills draining health on miss: not broken! The skill is designed to drain your health if you miss a hit.
  • Paladin Highlord's undermine skill fixed! The name of the second aura was changed to make sure it got applied.
  • Dragonslayer's Impale skill does not do 200% damage: confusing description fixed! The ability is supposed to apply a DOT (damage over time) of 200% of your attacking power.
  • Chronocorruptor's Shiftburn skill: confusing description fixed! The skill is supposed to have a chance to hit or not, not that you would do a hit every time.
  • Doomknight Overlord's Torture: fixed! 20% reduction on monsters is being applied.
  • Soul cleaver's Rend skill: fixed!
  • Card Clasher's Tap Imposition skill can be used multiple times before green card vanishes: fixed!
  • Pyromancer's Withering Blast skill fixed! Now reduces enemy damage. 
  • Necromancer’s Command Undead skill fixed! No longer causes battle pet to do 0 damage.
  • Dark Caster's Soul Grasp's effect Soul Crush fixed! Now replaces Shadow Bolt's effect Soul Burn when used, and vice versa.
  • DeathKnight's Deathgrip fixed! It isn't bugged without stacks of Death's Chill, and when stacked 5 times, it no longer increases intake damage as opposed to decreasing by 15%.
  • Thief of Hours's Timestream fixed! Effects applied with 2 and 3 stacks instead of just with first.
  • DoomKnight Overlord's miasma skill fixed!
  • Mindbreaker's Brain Fog skill fixed! Skill now stacks.

Map Bugs

  • Invisible players in AQ: Zombies' Yulgar's Inn fixed! Players are no longer ghosts.
  • Mqlesson cutscene fixed!  Players no longer needs to watch cutscene repeatedly
  • The "time for truth" cutscene fixed! No longer causes the game to freeze.

Item Bugs

  • Now able to merge Scroll of Petrification
  • Merging a stack of items in a merge shop now takes all proper items

Shop Bugs

  • Dragon hero shop badge now visible in Book of Lore!
  • Dage's legion shop no longer deducting improper amount of tokens
  • Decipher code on door in Northlands map now works!

NOT Bugs

  • Chaotic draconian not counted as being dragon, because monsters can only have 1 race. In this case, the draconian's "Chaos" race takes precedence over being a "Dragon"
  • Time killer's "stretch time" skill not broken. It affects monsters, but at a small amount so it may be easy to miss. It increases the chance of the player to crit and also the crit damage. It also increases the crit damage of the enemy as intended. 
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