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June 17, 2014

Ninja Drew Drechsel gets #1 time!

American Ninja Warrior 2014

On last night's TVĀ  episode of American Ninja Warrior on NBC, our favorite "Real Life Ninja," Drew Drechsel, completed the course with the #1 fastest time! 44.24 seconds. WAY TO GO DREW! You can send him a congratulations on his twitter... @NINJADREW!!!

Drew Drechsel gets 1st place on American Ninja Warrior!

I was deeply honored that for his TV interview, Drew wore the "Real Life Ninja" shirt that I designed for him. In addition to Drew, several of our other friends including Reko Rivera (The guy who breathed the fireball) and Ryan Stratis successfully completed the course! It was a really exciting and good night of runs. I hope you join us in cheering them on in the Miami Southeast Region Finals.

Pictures of Drew on TV

SPOILER: This episode choose to focus on the long time rivalry between Drew and another famous contestant named "Flip". They showed Drew's run first and he took 1st place. The pressure was on for Flip to beat it. Unfortunately, Flip's foot slipped on the cargo net during his run causing Flip to touch the water and be disqualified. A good reminder that no matter that no matter how talented someone is, the course is TOUGH and just one tiny miscalculation can end it... and Flip is REALLY REALLY good.

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