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November 08, 2013

The Hunt is On

New Gear in the Treasure Map Shop!

TreasureHunters, assemble in-game this Friday! We've got a treasure map to a shop full of incredible loot hidden somewhere inside AQWorlds, and if you can find it, you get ALL of the gear (and any gear we add in the future) for free! 

Read more details on how the Treasure Map works here!

Talk to Cleric Joy in Battleon or Valencia in BattleonTown to buy the Treasure Map for a one-time cost of 2000 AventureCoins, then use the clue it gives in the item description to find a shop hidden in-game full of 0 AC gear only YOU can access! At this point, we have over 6500 ACs worth of gear in the Treasure Map shop, and all of it is 0ACs for free storage! 

NEW: Shadowpiercer and Shadowslasher armors!

Find the Shadowpiercer Rogue and Shadowslasher Warrior armor and helm from Tyronius... IF you can find the location of the Treasure Map's shop!

You also get the following gear when you find the shop:

  • Royal Dragoon Armor 
  • Dragoon's Armet Helm 
  • Dragoon's Sheathed Blades Cape 
  • Nameless Warrior Armor
  • Anonymous Drone Helm
  • Terror of the Undead Sword
  • Slasher of the Undead Mace
  • Dragonfire Katana
  • Solar Protector Wings
  • Solar Protector Beak
  • Solar Protector Armor
  • Dual Flaming Katanas
  • BrightBlade Warrior Armor
  • Brightblade Shoulder Cloth Cape
  • Brightblade Helm
  • Bright Blade
  • Dual Bright Blades
  • Blood Terror ArmorBlood Terror Helm

NEW Gear in the Carnival of Fortune!

Head to the Carnival of Fortune (/join doom or /join destiny) and spin the Wheels for a chance to get wicked-awesome new weapons! You'll find SIX shiny new items and they're here to stay... for good!

3 of the 6 new weapons in the Wheels!

Fans of the DF (and sometime-AQW) artist Tomix will recognize these beautiful babies as some of his DragonFable weapons... and you'll LOVE the next bit of news:

We've received the files for the SoulWeaver armor and helms! We'll release those next week!*

* This weekend is going to be a very busy one, isn't it... ARTIX? (/grin)

Sell Your Investment Trinkets!

Watch this Design Notes for news on when to sell your Investment Trinket to get the increased sellback price! This post will change when it is time to sell your Trinket.

The Investment Trinket you bought for 1000 ACs will sell back for 1250 ACs!

The Legendary Investment Trinket you bought for 1000 ACs will sell back for 1500 ACs!

You CAN SELL your investment trinket now!

If you sold the trinket already and did not receive the above sellback price, read on:

For those who bought AND SOLD the trinket yesterday and only received 900 ACs, we will give you the difference automatically later this evening. After Yorumi runs the query to fix the issue, you will have either the 1250 or 1500 ACs you should have.

If you sold your trinket yesterday and only got 250 ACs, you will also get the amount you were supposed to.

For the 80 of you who bought the trinket and received a higher than usual sellback, congratulations, you benefit from our mistake!

This will most likely be the last time we have an investment trinket event until we can rework how item sellbacks function in the database. Making the sellback increase happen automatically will remove the possibility of errors in sellback pricing.

PS: Sora and Reens are almost done awarding all of the October "Ultimate Items of Donated Awesomeness"! If you haven't received yours yet, hang tight and we'll get them to you as fast as possible.

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