Design Notes

March 23, 2013

Limited Time Shop Ends Monday

Manticore Assassin and Evil Zorbak Bank Pet !

Unleash the Beast inside with our new Limited Time Shop, available until 11:59 PM Monday night! Take on the Chaos Manticore in the Venom Vaults this weekend, then display your victory with the limited-time Manticore Assassin set! Also available is the Evil Zorbak Bank Pet! Bring your bank with you wherever you go!

Are YOU ready to be a Manticore Assassin?

The shop includes:

  • Manticore Assassin
  • Manticore Assassin Guise
  • Manticore Assassin Wing
  • Manticore Assassin Wings
  • Evil Zorbak Bank Pet

What's a Bank Pet?

This is the first time many of you have seen us introduce a Bank Pet, and you might be wondering WHAT it is! All you have to do is click on your Evil Zorbak Bank Pet, and it will open your bank from anywhere in the game! This is a NON-Member pet, and will ONLY work for the owner of the pet! We know AQW Heroes collect a LOT of gear you quest through the game, so having a walking bank right by your side can be a really handy thing!

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