13 Lords of Chaos
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April 15, 2013

Lore's Magic... Tainted?!

This Friday: Journey to the Center of Lore!

Look up into the sky, Hero, and then deep into yourself. Whether or not you are a mage, you have a bright, burning core at the center of your being. Magic users can see and manipulate this pool of energy, but ALL creatures on Lore have one.

These are ley lines. Currently unstable.

It connects you to the ley lines which encircle the planet. Those ley lines, in turn, are linked to the crystallized mana core in the center of the world.

YOU are directly connected to that mana core... And something is very, VERY wrong with it!

Artist Representation of the Mana Core. Not to scale.

The forces of magic have become unbalanced, and Warlic fears that it might have something to do with the heart of Lore. This Friday, You'll need to journey to the center of Lore (dig ALL the way down through rocks and dirt and dead dinosaurs) to discover... and fix... whatever is causing magic to be so unpredictable!

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