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July 03, 2014

Dragon's Lair War Review

Final Outcome: REMATCH

After reviewing the war meters in the Dragon's Lair, we saw a large amount of cheating which led to the 100% / 99% totals by war's end. With that in mind, we are not declaring any one side the winner in this war. 

The story will go forward with the Alliance having saved the Lair, but with the forces of Chaos having reached the heart of the mountain.

Many of you are asking for a rematch... so next week, we are giving you just that - with Battleon as your battleground!

Alliance vs Chaos: Battleon PVP Match

Log in next Friday, July 11th,  and choose a side - Alliance or Chaos - in a team PVP match for the fate of Battleon! Teams are 8 to a side and will be fighting through the streets of Battleontown. Once enough combatants are on each team, the battle will begin! As members of your team fall, the victory count will rise!

Alliance: Protect the town of Battleon from the forces of Chaos!
Chaos: Attack the town in the name of the 13th Lord of Chaos! 

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