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January 08, 2014

RAID on the Bugs List

Caution: Bug Smashing in Progress!

Though the AQW team fixes bugs on a weekly basis, sometimes there are issues that need a programmer's special talents to really fix. With Dumoose busy coding releases and classes and Yorumi on a number of top-secret projects*, we needed a bit of bug-breaking backup!

That's why Llussion, one of the AE team members who used to code for AQWorlds, has returned to the team for a few months to help us smash some of these older high-priority bugs. 

Help us build a better, more bug-free game!

Keep an eye on our current resolved bugs list to see what has been fixed, and if you've found any new or still-existing bugs, please post them on Artix.com/Bugs so we can squash them!

* More news on this next week!

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