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January 08, 2014

Mid-Week Updates

Tonight's Update is an AWE-some Enhancement to AQW!

Mid-week release? Madness! It's never boring here at the Secret Underground Lab, especially when we have releases before Friday! Read on to see what's new in AQWorlds, and what is coming!

Level 60 Awe Enhancements

Once you've quested for Valencia to build the Blade of Awe, you unlock the Enhancements of Awe! These Enhancements have special effects (similar to how the Spitfire Enhancement works) to make your attacks more AWEsome (pun intended)! AND you can apply them to ANY weapon! 

Not even Ultra Carnax can stand against you!

The Levels 1-30 Awe Enhancements are open to all players who have completed the Blade of Awe quest chain. Levels 40, 50, and the new level 60 Awe Enhancements are available to Legends.

Wheel of Doom and Destiny Merge Items Delayed

As announced in the January Release Dates post I made a while back, we are going to add many of the Wheel of Doom and Destiny's drops (except for the 1% drop items like the Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness or the gear which was originally from Quibble's shop) to the Doom/Destiny merge shops.

Spin to win!

This means that if there is an item in the Wheel that you REALLY want, but your real-life luck just isn't cooperating, now you will definitely get it at some point as long as you keep spinning. (Since everyone gets a free spin each month and Legends get a free spin every day, that means you have just defeated the random number generator!)

I didn't have time to finish this today because of all the BUG SMASHING! Read up to see what we've been up to here, then come back tomorrow to see all of the new Wheel of Doom and Destiny merge items!

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