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January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

Let's Make 2013 the BEST year ever!

Artix said it best when he posted on our homepage:

"Thank you and Happy New Year from all of your friends here at Artix Entertainment! As we begin our adventure into 2013, it is a good time to look back at all of the amazing things we have created together over the past year.

From the three Friday the 13ths, the Dage vs Nulgath war, the surprise twist Valentines Day event, our first Action Figures, the EbilCorp event, stopping the end of the world, and the other 56+ weekly releases... it has been a blast! Looking forward to the new memories we will create together starting *looks at watch* NOW!"

Happy New Year from Artix Entertainment

Don't Miss Our First Items of 2013!

Talk to Quibble in Battleon to see the surprise shop an apprentice Time-Travel Fairy has opened! The 2013 Sun and Moon Warrior sets will let you harness the powers of the stars to guide you to victory in the most epic battles AQWorlds has ever seen! 

With something for everyone, this shop kicks off the first shop of 2013!

  • 2013 Moon Warrior Armor - 600 ACs
  • 2013 Lunar Battle Helm - 65 ACs
  • 2013 Lunar Watch Cape - 65 ACs
  • 2013 Sun Warrior Armor - 12,013 gold, member-only
  • 2013 Solar Battle Helm - 12,013 gold, member-only
  • 2013 Solar Watch Cape - 12,013 gold, member-only
  • 2013 Lunar Flare Cape - 13,313 gold

The LAST of the 12 Holly-Daily Frostval Quests!

This Friday, we'll release the holliest, jolliest armor ever... IF you've gotten all 12 of your Holi-Daily Merge Shop items! Remember, you need 12 of EITHER the Member Holly-Daily Present (color-customizable!) or the regular Holly-Daily present!

If you weren't able to log on each day for the last 12 days (we know that's hard during the holidays when you're spending time with family and friends), you'll be able to purchase the merge items you need for a hefty amount of gold. 

But What About our Frostval Gifts?!

CyserO-Ho-Ho is the one who'll tell you when it's time for those presents to open, but it WILL be soon! Keep an eye on the Design Notes and Twitter for more news! 

Chaos is Coming... This Friday!

This Friday, a rift leading to Drakath’s Portal* appears near a lone watch tower. Normally manned by Vormund Vigil-Keeper, an old friend of Warlic and a skilled Battlemage, he and his warriors, the Guardians of Order, have gone missing! Warlic summons you to investigate and take whatever measures are necessary to protect Lore from Chaos!

Journey to /watchtower and battle up to the roof, where you’ll need to light the beacon and summon help! As 2013 begins, the Chaos is only going to get stronger until the final confrontation with Drakath begins... and you will need ALL your strength and wits when that fateful day arrives!

*Would you guys like to be able to SEE Drakath's Chaos Portal and the runes on it, which have been lighting up as you defeat each of the Chaos Lords? Later on, this rift might be a good way to allow you to check your progress!

Thank You Again for Being Awesome in 2012!

We hope you've had a fantastic holiday, filled with laughter and joy! We are so grateful you've battled alongside us through the crazy-awesome releases of 2012 AND all of the lag/bug fixes and improvements you've helped us introduce into the game! Thank you for supporting us by purchasing Memberships and AdventureCoins! We can't wait to work with you to make 2013 the most explosive - and Chaotic - year in AQWorlds' history!

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