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April 04, 2013

SO Much To Do This Week

AQWorlds: A Release A Day!

Have you logged in this week? Good! Then you've seen the prolific* amount of content we've released! Here's a pre-Friday recap:

  • Monday: April Fools! AdventureQuest Farts was a gas, literally! You can still get your April 1st rares from Dage the Evil in Battleon!
  • Tuesday: Evil Undead Limited Time Shop
  • Wednesday: Grenwog
  • Today: NEW Dragon Blades in Galanoth's Birthday Treasures shop, TheSpan's Chaos Lord armor drops from the Iadoa boss monster
  • Friday: J6 Saga finale, Part 1

* Prolific is the word of the day. *scream*

Thursday Release Insanity!

Galanoth's long-awaited Dragon Blade updates are HERE! Upgrade to unlock the Evolved Dragon Blade or spend AdventureCoins to get the Legion Dragon Blade!

Evolved Dragon Blade and Legion Dragon Blade

  • Evolved Dragon Blade: Member-only, 1,000,000 gold, Bonus damage to Dragons AND bonus gold (in-game permanently)
  • Legion Dragon Blade: 500 ACs, Bonus damage to Dragons AND bonus gold (seasonal rare)

Take on Iadoa, the Chronomancer Chaos Lord in TheSpan for a chance to get the Member-only Iadoa armor! /Join TheSpan to begin the ChronoSpan Chaos Saga, and learn the story of just HOW AQWorlds was created when three timelines merged into one!

Tomorrow: J6 Saga Finale Part 1!

Continue your adventure to discover the secret of J6! If you haven't already begun your journey through space with our mysterious Bounty Hunter, /join J6! 

J6 Highwayman

If you're up to date, you'll discover that J6 is about to finish his Doomsday device... and YOU are asked to stop him. Challenge a friend to defeat a foe, discover the datadisk, and get ready to GO!

J6 Samurai

Events Leaving Soon!

  • Dage's Birthday shop leaves tomorrow!
  • April 1st Rares shop leaves tomorrow!
  • Lucky Day event leaves tomorrow! (Last chance to get the Evolved Leprechaun Class for another year!)
  • Aria's Pet Egg quests and Grenwog leaves April 15th

Arriving Tomorrow: GI J6 shop!

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