Design Notes

August 04, 2011

J6 - The Helm

Hyperium expansion... tomorrow!

In game, many of us know J6 as a 6-shooter wielding bounty hunter. In real life, J6 is an increadibly talented artist, sculptor and creative genious. Few people remember this... but J6 started as a player of the original AdventureQuest. His fan art on the forums earned him a place on the team. Currently, He is the only artist in all of Artix Entertaiment to have created art for every single one of our games. This week, we will learn secrets behind J6's in-game character in his private zone, Hyperium. And we will all discover together why Alina said, "Artix, the photo is way more significant than anyone reading your post will realize."

J6's DragonCon Cosplay

The Hyperium Zone is coming in AQWorlds tomorrow!

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