Design Notes

August 16, 2013

Into Swordhaven

What's going on in Swordhaven?

King Alteon has really been spiffing up the city! Unfortunately, the shiny remodeling has attracted a lot of monsters, and we're going to need your help getting Swordhaven cleaned up. /Join castle to help out Sir Vival, his squire and others, and earn Swordhave rep to get cool gear from our new rep shop!

That statue must've cost a fortune!

The new Swordhaven hub has 5 new NPCs who will offer you a nice pack of quests, and a ton of new gear from 4 new shops. King Alteon's construction moglins are still workingon the town, so expect to see changes and additions in the near future, including a new hair shop!

New streamlined story path!

We've also designed a new story path to help new players (and old ones, if you want to experience it again!) play through the Chaos Lord storylines in linear order. Just walk to the right directly out of Battleon to find all of the chaos zones up through Darkovia. What's going in now is just the beginning of the Story Path - we'll be adding new stuff next week. And don't worry, the Nexus isn't going rare! We'll be adding it back in, and you'll be able to find it in its new location along the Story Path. And in case you were worried about it, you will not have to complete the Story Path to get to the Swordhaven release!

Happy Independence Day to our Indonesian players!

In celebration of Indonesia's Independence Day, we've added a Panjat Pinang event! Panjat Pinang is an Indonesian tradition in which celebrants try to climb a very tall, very slippery pole to try to reach the goodies stuck to the top. Since the pole is so slippery, this is usually a group effort! So get some friends and take down our Panjat Pinang pole or a chance at some of its awesome loot!

Don't fall! You're almost there!

Beating this thing down can get you an Indonesian blade in 3 different designs, both single- and dual-wield!

Quibble's still here, and he's got new loot!

You thought Quibble was done? He sure isn't! He's collected a new batch of sweet gear and added it to last week's shop - including a color-custom set, which I know you guys love!

New this week:

  • Prismatic Chaotic Evil Knight
  • Prismatic Deathdealer
  • Prismatic Soul Render
  • Prismatic Evil Knight Helm
  • Prismatic Throatripper
  • Prismatic Evil Aura   
  • Prismatic Deathdealers
  • Prismatic Soulrenders
  • Chaos Gutter
  • Noble Chapeau
  • Noble Circlet
  • Noble Courtier

Chaotic-evil and changes color!

You'll still be able to get all of last week's gear, of course. It won't be going away until Quibble leaves!

Shadow Sorcerer shop!

Earlier in the week you all heard about the new Shadow Sorcerer set that you can get by purchasing a 5,000 AC package. Well, now we've added a limited time shop that sells some of the Shadow Sorcerer gear! Some of the items are exclusive to the 5k AC package, but you'll be able to get the rest by talking to Shadow Sorcerer Tenebra in Battleon.

In Tenebra's shop:

  • Sinister Shadow Sorcerer Armor
  • Sinister Shadow Sorcerer Helm 
  • Sinister Shadow Sorceress Helm
  • Sinister Shadow Sorcerer Mask
  • Sinister Shadow Sorceress Mask
  • Sinister Violet Wings
  • Sinister Magenta Wings
  • Sinister Teal Wings
  • Sinister Cobalt Wings
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