Design Notes

May 30, 2013

Changes to Ambassador Program

Lothalis, Head of Ambassadors, Writes:

Ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to come to you first before word got out and you had to learn about it from players. Alina is reusing an old DN post so I can link you all to it, as the private forum was inactivated.* The Ambassador Program is changing. 

No longer will the brigade fly under the offical title of the official helpers of AQW; it has evolved beyond us. The Ambassador Brigade faced and took on numerous setbacks and triumphed over most of them both in game and progamming issues. However these fixes were never designed to work forever and sadly we are trying to make the system do too much outside of it's ability. 

Alina, Memet and Myself count the Ambassador guild project as a complete success shown by how many players have stepped up to the plate and started helping even when they were not in the guild. We shone a light on helping others and now we need to leave that light and trust others to keep it on; in short the Ambassador guild will be shutting down. 

However this project did shine a light on the players and a new promising system is in place. The guide map will remain and players may buy a "Cape of Guiding" which they can use to signal other player they are willing to help. All current ambassadors will be able to keep their special shop capes as a reminder and thank you however, the Ambassador Brigade itself is closing their doors. 

This was not made lightly and I thank each and every single one of you for all you have done, and I wish nothing more than for each one of you to branch out and keep helping if not lead your own helper guild. 

Your friend in gaming; 


* That should have happened later this week, but mistakes happen.

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