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February 03, 2014

February Dates to Remember

Mark Your Calendars, Heroes!

A new month begins with the Superbowl special half-time event when the Seahorcs vs the Broncoliches! Groundhogs Day arrives, too... and then the BATTLES BEGIN AGAIN!

February 1st - February 7th

Coliseum Boss Challenge: 10 Levels of Terror
The biggest, baddest, most brutal bosses on Lore are BACK and ready to take you down… are you up to the challenge? Battle your way through increasingly-difficult, all-new, higher-leveled versions of some of Lore’s most bestial bosses!

Defeat Yaomo Tuesday for a chance to get his armor!

  • Sunday: Celebrate the Superbowl during half-time by punting Twilly!
  • Monday: Snow Day limited time boss drop in the Northlands!
  • Tuesday: Yokai New Year Ultra-Boss (level 50+)
  • Friday: Class Trainers move to the Coliseum
  • Friday: Battle 10 different boss monsters of increasingly-high levels in the coliseum to earn exclusive gear
  • Friday: Zoshi's Birthday shop arrives, Roroth's birthday shop leaves
  • Friday: Jouster Class arrives! If you have the Jouster armor, complete the Jouster quest to unlock the Class for free, or find the Class in the Doom/Destiny merge shops, or from the Wheels of Doom/Destiny

February 8th - February 14th

Valentine’s Day: Beleen  and the Beast
On the even of Valentine's Day, heroes across Lore discover that Beleen has been KIDNAPPED! A dark and deadly creature has been seen stalking Lore's most beloved Love Caster... and now we know why! She was going to have you quest to discover her true love... but she may never love again if you do not save her from a most terrible fate!

The Beast and Beleen: NOT a love story!

  • Tuesday: past Valentine’s Day events return
  • Friday: Save Beleen on Valentine's Day
  • Friday: Roroth's birthday shop leaves
  • Friday: Yokai Sunlord set leaves, limited-time Valentine’s set in the Carnival of Fortune arrives

February 15th - February 21st

Alliance Salvation: Prepare for Chaos
After years of battle, the realms of Lore have grown lax, and Chaos has spread its tentacles into every corner of the world. Revisit your allies to see how much Chaorruption has taken hold and help prepare their lands for the final war against Chaos!

  • Tuesday: Legend-only ultra boss delayed due to server changes.
  • Tuesday: Chinese New Year leaves
  • Friday: Zoshi's birthday shop leaves
  • Friday: Alliance Salvation storyline
  • Friday: TimeDragon Warrior special package
  • Friday: NEW gear in Yulgar’s Suggestion Shop, Treasure Chest, and Treasure Map shop

February 22nd - February 28th

Carnivale Internationale: Celebrate around the world!

This year, we are celebrating Brasil's massive Carnivale AND the iconic New Orleans Carnival party in ONE WEEK! With beads, battles, and BIG REWARDS, this is going to be one /party to remember!

  • Tuesday: Chaos Boss Challenge (Alliance Salvation Legend-only bonus!)
  • Friday: Carnivale Internationale event goes live!
  • Friday: Dage's pre-Birthday Class goes live!

March 1st - March 7th

Dage’s Deadly Birthday: Legion Apocalypse
Dage the Evil summons ALL members of the Undead Legion - and any heroes brave enough to face the creatures he has called - to the battlefield! Take on his harbingers of doom, destruction, and darkness… and each other! Will you survive to celebrate his birthday with new gear and his birthday Class?

Will you defeat the Undead Legion... or join it?

  • Sunday: Dage's birthday shop goes live!
  • Friday: Dage's Deadly birthday event releases! /celebrate
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