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April 02, 2013

Evil Undead Shop is Live!

Evil Undead Limited Time Shop in the Game Menu!

Join Artix and the rest of the Secret Underground Lab crew's excitement for the release of the NEW Evil Undead movie! One of Artix's earliest influences, the movie and sequels shaped how Artix views the undead (in-game AND in real life)!


Check out his post on for the story of how he and Warlic became friends and bonded over the original Evil Undead! Then log into AQWorlds to view all of the evilly-undead gear in our Limited Time Shop!

Evil Undead Slayers, Unite!

Any Hero preparing to take on the Evil Undead need to proper gear, so we've put together a shop full of armors, katanas, and (of course) chainsaws just for you! The Limted Time Shop will be around for 1 week, then will be gone for good!

Inside the shop you'll find:

  • Undead Trophyhunter (member and AC versions)
  • Skullcap Trophy Helm 
  • Skullcap Locks Helm 
  • Mia's Slasher Katana
  • Undeadite Armor
  • Undeadite Destroyer Blade 
  • Too-Slow Slayer Armor 

Undead Trophyhunter: for when you want to break ALL the bones!

  • Undeadites Armor 
  • Evil Undeadslayer Armor 
  • Mia's Dual Slashers 
  • Scalped Locks Helm 
  • Scalped Trophy Helm 
  • Toxic Chainsaw 
  • Good Ol' Chainsaw 
  • Undead Survivor Armor

More Power Against the Undead? Yes, Please!

When you equip the following weapons, you will deal 5% MORE DAMAGE when you battle any Undead monster! 

  • Evil Chainsaw +5 
  • Muddy Chainsaw +5 
  • Chaotic Chainsaw +5 

This is a new way for us to make our weapons more powerful, and we're eager to hear what you think of it! Tell us on Twitter, Facebook, the forum, or in-game!

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