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August 13, 2013

Drew beats "Flip"!

American Ninja Warrior TV Show Update

Did you see it!? Alright, I have to make a confession. My TV was destroyed when lightning struck my home two weeks ago. So I did not get to watch the Regional Finals of the American Ninja Warrior TV show as it aired last night. But I jumped and cheered when I got a text message from Galanoth saying that our favorite real-life ninja, Drew Drechsel, beat his long time rival "Flip" by 1.7 seconds!  Way to go Drew!!!!!!!!!! He will be moving on to the Finals in Las Vegas! Drew has been an AQWorlds fan-favorite every since he appeared in game as a Ninja Trainer!

Drew Drechsel's AQWorlds Character

What is American Ninja Warrior?

If you live in a country that does not air the TV show, American Ninja Warrior is an extremely challenging obstacle course. Athletes from all over the country compete. So far, no one has beaten the USA version of the course. Drew Drechsel is one of the show's top competitors. He and another friend of our game team, Ryan Stratis, gained fame three years ago, when they were sent by the TV channel G4 to compete in the original Japanese version of the show (aka "Sasuke").

Two of the top competitors of the show are Drew and "Flip" Rodrigez. The rivaly between both of these great athletes is pretty intense. Keep an eye on all of the top guys from this show. They are young, talented, and every single one of them seems to be opening Parkour gyms. Dage, Thyton and myself have made the journey up to Drew's gym a few times now!

What the re-run of this show on NBC if you can!

If you missed it, check NBC's website to see when the show will air again so you can watch or DVR it. There are also some awesome videos there of Drew, Flip and Ryan. (Hopefully not one of my epic plunge into the water -- you know I went on this show wearing full Paladin armor, right?)

Drew Artix & Aersion
In-Game vs Real Life!

We are trying to talk Drew into joining us at DragonCon again this year. Which is only THREE WEEKS AWAY! But first... this weekend we are having a special shop to celebrate Panjat Pinang for our awesome players overseas. We hope you like the items in the shop!

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