Design Notes

April 10, 2013

Dragon Blade Birthday Shop

Galanoth's Birthday Limited Time Shop!

Galanoth the DragonSlayer had a birthday last month... and it's almost time for his birthday rares (and seasonal rares) to leave game! 

To highlight the end of his birthday event, we've added 3 new Dragon Blades to a Limited Time Shop, each doing more damage to Dragons AND with a Rep boost attached! This shop will vanish on Friday, April 12!

  • Polished Dragon Blade +7
  • Legion Dragon Blade +5
  • Rare Platinum Dragon Blade +3

Each of these blades does bonus damage to dragons AND gives you a small bit of reputation! 

What About The Dragon Blades I Already Have?

Because we didn't announce this Limited Time Shop ahead of time, many of you already bought your Dragon Blades from Galanoth's birthday shop. To make sure his DragonSlayers know he appreciates all the heroes who celebrated his birthday, Galanoth has added an extra bit of Rep to all of the blades in his Birthday Treasures shop!

Galanoth's seasonal and rare birthday items AND quests leave Monday, April 15th until next year!

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