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May 03, 2014

Design Contest Winners

TWO Releases from TWO Grand Prize Winners!

The "Design an AQW Release" contest has been my FAVORITE contest EVER! There's just one problem... you guys are WAY too good at coming up with stories and the gameplay around them. So we are facing the best problem: too many good entries.

To combat that, we are making the best decision, I think: having TWO grand prize winners, who will both have their releases made in May. (Time to start building!!!)

Congratulations to....

Grand Prize Winners

Alastair Q and Runester333!

Their releases, "The Fell Beast" and "The Chaorrupted Lab" will both be released this month! I will be emailing you both tonight with more information.

Second Place

For the Second Place winners, we ALSO want to make these releases, too! (They are just too good not to!) So if we ever need to put in a one-time release in the coming months, we will pull those releases from the list of 2nd place winners.

In addition to becoming our pool of "OMG WE NEED AN EMERGENCY RELEASE GO GO GO!!!" ideas, each winner receives 2000 ACs if they created their entry on their own, and 1000 ACs if they worked as a team!

  • Liy010: The Magic Games
  • Nobeck: Smoke and MirrorMares
  • Megakyle777: Reflections Rising
  • Beshin Adin: Kharkaragos and the Tides of Death
  • Superrpg237: Cysero's New Invention
  • Arch WarlordX: Sands of the AntiClockwise
  • Gandolf AQ: Discover the secret Library of Andria
  • King of the Night: The Frozen Overlord
  • Flamedragon92: Save the Mystical Mirror Crystal Shard!
  • Saldrayne: A white dragon egg.. Shall we put it in a box?
  • Skywee955: Pun-Dead!
  • Tysonterror: Space Pirates
  • Jah_Rakal24: The End of the Magic World
  • Nakor: Dawn of the Celestial Warrior
  • Dark tech priest: A Thread of Agony
  • Valvius: To the Spire once more
  • Ravenhearst24: Waterwizard and the Eternal Gem
  • Requiem the White: Death's Distress
  • Solaris of Light: Emotional Void

Winners Circle

You guys are AMAZING, and your contest entries will not be forgotten (who knows, we may even make YOUR idea someday!)! In addition to having the entire Artix Entertainment team /bow down in recognition of their hard work, each winner receives 2000 ACs if they created their entry on their own, and 1000 ACs if they worked as a team!

  • Kyber Moonbow: Sandwrecked
  • Boxer_502_: Battle of Mists and Iron
  • Mentor Karthik: The Quest for the Evolved Eternity Blade
  • Ignacious the DeathTaker: Enter the Jade Palace
  • purple phoenix 96: The Rise Of The Mana Dragon
  • King Maxfield: The Serpent of Chaos
  • Unknown informer: Elemental Fury
  • Tijinga: The Coming of the Tide
  • BravelyZach: Moonblight, the Accursed
  • sasukesnake07: Help "Doge" Defeat Darkness
  • Carlantis07: Bones in the Sand
  • Ogulcan123: Elemental Radioactivity
  • Jissu: Descent into the Sands.
  • Franklin 120: Sepulchure's Secret Stash
  • Pinwheel: The Creature of the Sunken Cave
  • uiluj: Captain Lore: The Undead Soldier
  • Nolax: The Oblivion of the Neverglades
  • tanyuol / a3master: True Meaning of Peace
  • Callender Parsley: Black Knight and White Mage: Rise of the Light Lich
  • tom_rechel: The Pharaoh’s Wrath
  • Hoax Muffin: Chaos-hip
  • Dorothy Joi: The Lost Light
  • kabshab77: Revenge of the Purple Frogzard
  • shadowdarkrai04: Pink Invasion
  • V the A: DreadSpider Return

Above and Beyond Award

For completely creating a proto-type of his release idea in RPG Maker, the "Above and Beyond" award (and 2000 ACs) goes to:  

  • Zadck3: The Resources of the Resilva

To All Contest Entrants

Artix, the AQW team,and I want to say how impressed and honored we are that you ALL put so much effort, thought, and creativity into these release suggestions. We truly are the luckiest gaming community on the internet, and I can honestly say that AQWorlds is a game made for and BY you all. 

Thank you for all that you have done in this contest and every day you join us to battle!

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