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Slash Maker

November 27, 2014

AQWorlds Black Friday 2014

First Look at the Darkest Gear of the Year!

Head to Battleon this Friday at 12:01 AM server time and talk to Dage the Evil to access the Black Friday shop (or find it in your game menu)! Then celebrate the Harvest Fest by saving your friends and family AND Battleon in our Feast of Souls event! We've got a bankload of items headed your way; before you head off to celebrate, check these beautifully black blades, armors, and accessories out!

Shadow Legion Vampire

The color-customizable Shadow Legion Vampire Armor, helm, and weapons will all be available for AdventureCoins in the Black Friday shop! If you're a member of the Undead Legion, buy the armor to unlock a second, non-color custom version for a small amount of Legion Tokens!* 

* For you heroes who LOVE black and blue, this is the way to go if you want to stick with this specific color palette.

  • Shadow SoulWeaver armor
  • Dark Judgement Scythe
  • Dark Dreadhaven General armor set
  • Dark Phoenix Plate
  • Dark Bones armor

  • Dark Drakath Pet 
  • Black BattleCorn Pet
  • Dark Derp Dage Pet 
  • Shadow Indian Twig Pet 
  • Shadow Airstrike Pet
  • Dark Sprites Pet
  • The Dark Creature

  • Shadow DragonHead Blade 
  • Dark Dual Arachnotanas 
  • Dark Arachnotana 
  • ShadowFang's Blade
  • Obsidian Blade of Nulgath
  • Shadow Phoenix Blade

New Half-Off Gear for 2014!

EVERYbody loves it when stores take half-off their inventory, so this year we've got a whole host of new we've chopped down! 

Aren't you glad we kept the parts WITH handles?

  • Half-Off Bright Dragon Blade 
  • Prime Blade of Half-Off 
  • Half-Off Light of Destiny
  • Half-Off Chaos Mask 
  • Half-Off Chainsaw Hand

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Prize Maker

November 26, 2014

Black Friday 2014 Prize Rush

Log In to AQWorlds on Black Friday to Win!

You like to play AQWorlds, and we like to reward you for playing it! Because Black Friday is a day to have fun running around hunting for extra-special deals, we wanted to do something crazy, too!

So if you log in at ANY point during Black Friday, you'll be entered into the Black Friday prize pool for a chance to win 1 of 100 copies of the exclusive Shadow-themed weapon! The ONLY way to get that gear is to login to AQW. That's all you've got to do!*

Grab your friends and get to battling!

We will hold this same drawing on Cyber Monday, but with a different prize going to 100 different people! Prizes will be awarded next week!

* You only need to log in once to enter, and each account can only be entered once. 

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Feast Maker

November 26, 2014

Survive the Feast of souls

Save Battleon from the Undead Legion Attack!

The Harvest Fest has come, and all across Lore, heroes are gathering together. In the Underworld, Dage the Evil is preparing a celebration, too - a Feast of Souls! He's sending some VERY special guests to the Battleon feast, because this is the PERFECT time to gather the ingredients for HIS feast: NEW SOULS!

This feast is to DIE for!

Talk to Dage in Battleon to go to the /feastofsouls map and begin the war to save Battleon! His recruiter is ready to reap the darkest harvest, but if you survive, the rewards will be to die for!

War Objectives!

Dage's motives are VERY simple, and so are yours! After you watch the opening cutscene (and decide whether to taste the appetizer) in /feastofsouls, talk to Twilly to go to your battle map.

AQW Hero Rock lea says: TASTE MY BLADE!

In /harvestslayer:

  • Battle with your fellow heroes to save Battleon, the Harvest Fest, and your soul.
  • Turn in Slayer Medals to raise your war meter

In /harvestzombie:

  • Battle for the Legion to gather new souls for Dage AND add a permanent recruitment outpost in Battleon!
  • Turn in Rage Medals to raise your war meter

The side with the highest war meter by Friday evening will win!

War Rare Gear!

Dage's minions are out in FORCE this weekend, and you're getting a glimpse of some never-before-seen legion warriors! Take a look in the Feast of Souls Rares shop and you'll find...

So. Many. KATANAS!

  • the Abomineator set
  • the Rampage Blademaster set
  • the Legion Bank Guard Bank pet
  • and more!

Once the boss battles unlock this Friday, you'll get access to even MORE gear as you farm for the reward drops!

Update: Zorbak leaned on the "WAR OFF" button to be a little stinker. We've slightly reduced the war total, and turned the war button to ON, and given both sides 5000 waves so they start out on the same footing.

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News Maker

November 26, 2014

Dage Wants YOU

To Join the Undead Legion this Year!

Dage Recruitment War Scrolls are NOW AVAILABLE at Heromart! Dage the Evil wants YOU for the Undead Legion Army! The world is at war and Dage the Evil needs more minions to join him on the frontlines. Enlist today and recruit your friends and followers! Join today and receive the Legion Sergeant Armor set; terrify your enemies as you rack up ruthless victories across the battlefield! 

Dage Legion War Print HeromartProve your loyalty to Legion! 

The Dage Recruitment War Scroll comes with:
  • Legion Sergeant Armor
  • Undead Slasher Axe
  • Undead Legion Banner Cape
  • Legion Recruiter Helm

Hand-siged editions of the war scroll are ALSO available until supplies run out!

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Countdown Maker

November 26, 2014

Countdown to Black Friday

Our Thanksgiving Week Item Hunt STARTS NOW!

Log in every day for a chance to get all-new gear in our Countdown to Black Friday rare bonus weapon hunt! And later today, if you don't have time to farm for the gear, you can talk to Zorbak in Battleon to get regular versions of the items!

These 0 AC, 1% drop items* will be available in-game as drops and from Zorbak's shop until the Black Friday shop leaves in early December!

Countdown to Black Friday schedule:

* Except for the ShadowBlast Flames, which are a 20% drop.

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Dimension Maker

November 25, 2014

AQW3D Tech Demo is LIVE

Legends can log in and chat in 3D NOW!

SURPRISE! The Pre-Thanksgiving tech demo of AQW3D is LIVE at http://www.aq.com/TechDemo for Legends RIGHT NOW! This is a VERY EARLY preview of our first-ever 3D game, and you should check out Cysero's explanation of just what you're looking at in this video!

Three. Dimensions. Of. AQWorlds!

Important Details for our Tech Demo!

Read on, and remember:

  • You must have an active membership to participate in the Tech Demo
  • In this first preview, you can log in, chat, run around, and dance
  • We will leave the demo up for a while unless it breaks horribly* 
  • If you have bugs, please report them on Twitter

* And it might, but that just means you get to experience life as a game tester!)

Come hang out with us!


If you are using Chrome, you need to unblock the Unity3D plugin for it to work.

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Raffle Maker

November 24, 2014

Fallen Fire Raffle Shop

Unlock the Set AND a chance to win Exclusive Gear!

Starting later today, buy a FallenFire Ticket for 500 AdventureCoins to unlock a shop with the 0 AC FallenFire armor set AND get a chance to win 1 of 350 exclusive prizes from Dage the Evil!

The raffle winners drawing will be held on Monday, December 1st, 2014, and prizes will be awarded later that week!

  • 50 heroes
    win an exclusive sword by Dage the Evil and 10 million gold each
  • 100 heroes
    win a dual-wield version of the sword and 5 million gold each
  • 200 heroes will win an exclusive cape of the sword and 1 million gold each 

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Time Maker

November 21, 2014

2015 Dragons Calendar

Unlocks Chrono DragonKnight Class at Heromart!

A brand-new year approaches, and that means a brand-new Calendar has arrived at HeroMart. Last year we created a “poster calendar hybrid” featuring a battle scene of Artix vs the Undead, but this year we’ve returned to the classic “flip calendar” model to showcase even more breathtaking art. In addition to providing A LOT more writing room for each day of the month, every page depicts a different Dragon type, ranging from Slime Dragons to Faerie Dragons to even the 3-Headed Trigoras Dragon.

2015 Dragon CalendarOrder your Calendar now at www.HeroMart.com!

Includes exclusive Chrono DragonKnight Class:

  • Chrono DragonKnight Class
  • Chrono DragonKnight Armor Set
  • Chrono DragonKnight battlepet (Legend-only)
  • Character Page and Book of Lore badges

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    November 21, 2014

    Dragon's Dawn is Live

    Let the Hunt for the First Chosen One Begin!

    It has been foretold: 12 VERY SPECIAL eggs are about to hatch, and one day, the descendants of those dragons will be the most powerful of their kind... but many dangers may befall young creatures in the world of Lore. To the west of the Dragon's Lair lies a cave... and deep inside it lies the hoard of Ektorax the Slime Dragon! 

    The hunt begins tonight!

    We do not know if he is friend or foe, but DragonMaster StoneScythe is sure of ONE thing - no one can tame and raise this dragon better than Lore's most-skilled Hero: YOU! This weekend, battle through /ectocave to find the first egg; save it now so that one day its hatchling and his children may work to create a new realm! 

    Dragon's Hoard of Rewards!

    When you're a DragonMaster, you need to look AND battle the part! That's why once you defeat Ektorax, you can begin a farming for the resources to create the full DragonMaster set... along with all the gear in the merge shop! 

    In the Merge Shop, you'll find: 

    • Slimed Dragon Rogue Armor set
    • Ektorax Pet 
    • Slimed DragonMaster Scythe 
    • Slime Gear (cape, sword, slime helms) 

    You got SLIMED! (Said no hero ever)

    Ektorax drops:

    • Dragon Rogue Armor set 
    • Ichorus Egg (required to merge for the Ektorax Pet)
    • Ichorus Egg Nest house item
    • Ektorakx Slime Pet

    Back to the Dragon's Lair

    The Dragon's Dawn: Hunt for the Chosen Ones release takes us back to one of AQWorlds' most well-known and popular maps: the dragon-themed dungeon crawl in /lair... and our release aims to capture that dragonbattle-ready spirit once more! 

    You can use this area as a farming zone or, if you're more interested in the story, you can accept DragonMaster StoneScythes quests to hunt for the Egg of Ichorus.

    Talk to DragonMaster StoneScythe in /ectocave

    Many of you who've played our single-player RPG, DragonFable, know about DragonLords - heroes who have a deep, psychic bond with their dragon companion thanks to the Dragon Amulet. DragonMasters are KIND OF like that, but without the psychic bond (or amulet). Many of them revere or respect dragonkind. They are not a group just out to abuse and exploit them. (*Cough* DragonMaster FROSTSCYTHE) 

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    Dragon Maker

    November 21, 2014

    Limited Quantity Package Sets

    Our Dragon Limited Quantity Gear is Almost Here!

    Starting today at 9:30 AM server time, head to our Limited Quantity Package page to grab one of these draconically-awesome sets! Each package also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore! 

    Sheng Long Guardian

    Price: 1000 ACs 
    Total Quantity: 5000 (Initial stock: 2000, 600 per restock)

    • Sheng Long Guardian
    • Sheng Long's Fang
    • Sheng Long Slasher
    • Sheng Long Mask 
    • Sheng Long Helm
    • Sheng Long Backblades

    Sheng Chi Guardian

    Price: 75,000 gold 
    Total Quantity: 7,500 (Initial stock: 4000, 700 per restock)
    Available for gold to anyone who has ever purchased a membership (even if your upgrade has expired)!

    • Sheng Chi Guardian
    • Sheng Chi's Fang
    • Sheng Chi Slasher
    • Sheng Chi Mask 
    • Sheng Chi Horns 
    • Sheng Chi Backblades

    Dage's Underworld House

    Price: 1500 ACs 
    Total Quantity: 3000 (Initial stock: 1000, 400 per restock)

    See all four rooms here.

    • Dage's Underworld House
    • Dage NPC which teleports you straight to the SoulForge 
    • Dage's Infernal Desolation Blade wall item

    Dragon's Lair House

    Price: 100,000 gold
    Total Quantity: 7,500 (Initial stock: 4000, 700 per restock)
    Available for gold to anyone who has ever purchased a membership (even if your upgrade has expired)! 

    See all five rooms here.

    • Dragon's Lair House
    • Galanoth NPC which teleports you straight to the Red Dragon's Lair
    • Dragon Blade Plaque wall item

    Draconis Pets

    Price: 50,000 gold
    Total Quantity: 30,000 (Initial stock: 15000, 3,000 per restock)

    • Solaria Raptor
    • Shadow Draconis 

    * Available for ALL players!

    What are Limited Quantity Packages?

    A Limited Quantity Package* is a group of items sold together which has a set quantity. Once the gear has sold out, that's it. The total number of packages is the same for everyone, everwhere, so if you see 300 packages left on the web page counter, that's what we've got left in stock. These items are non-refundable, so once you click the "confirm purchase" button, that set is yours to keep!

    How Do They Work?

    Excellent question! Starting this Friday, November 21st, at 9L30 AM server time, the intial stock of our Limited Quantity Packages will be released. Once they are, you'll need to:

    1. Head to the Limited Quantity Package page** 
    2. Select the package you want to buy
    3. Confirm your purchase
    4. Log into your AQWorlds account
    5. Open your Book of Lore and go to the Other Achievements tab
    6. Find the Package Badge and open the shop to get your gear!

    Limited Quantity Package Restock Schedule

    Package quantities restock throughout the weekend to give everyone a chance to get the gear they want, no matter what timezone or country they live in. Restock times for the Dragon LQP are:

    1. 9:30 AM Friday (initial stock)
    2. 7:30 PM Friday
    3. 5:30 AM Saturday
    4. 3:30 PM Saturday
    5. 1:30 AM Sunday
    6. 11:30 AM Sunday

    ** Link coming soon!

    PS: the housing inventory spaces have been increased to 40!

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