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July 31, 2015

Cysero's Secrets

Do you dare face the Ancient Goose?

Yeah. You probably do. 

I mean, of course you do. Why else would you be here? Just cheering on your friends while they play the release? I don't think so. 

You want a piece of this goose. AND YOU'RE NOT ALONE! The Queen of All Monsters also wants a piece of him (three pieces, actually). 

My first special guest release for the Return Of The Living Devs was a lot of fun. It was a story I thought about for a while, and I think the AQW team did a fantastic job making the release come to life.

I think it surprised a lot of people because people expect zany, wacky fun from me, but It was dark and moody and very emotional and I'm so happy that so many of you played it and let the story do its job. 

For my second special guest release (of two), I really wanted to give you some of the Cysero that a lot of you expect to see. The story is dumb (but fun and has a few great surprises in it), and the gear is very nice, but the MAP is the real jewel here. I planned out each room, each twist and turn, each hidden exit, shortcut and hidden mouse-over.

Cysero is what's up.

I really tried to give you somewhere that was fun to run around. (of course J6 and Reens were the ones who had to build the map to my exacting standards and Ghost expertly animated some of my favorite cutscenes in all of AQW history for tonight, so they all have permission to hit me. Sorry, guys.)

Let's face it. There are only so many types of quests that you can go on before they all start feeling kind of similar... so, I wanted to give you a PLACE that fun to run around in. This way, if the quests start feeling like work, the map will always keep things interesting with a hidden treat in almost every room. 

Look carefully, dear player. If you want to find MY secrets... you're going to have to work for them.

July 31, 2015

Cysero's Secret Rares Shop

Want to find out what's hidden inside Cysero's Secret Rares Shop?

Of COURSE you do! This weekend, the finale of our Summer 2015 "Return of the Living Devs" event blasts off with - Cysero's Secrets: Goose of Terror!* 

free rpg mmo rare gear coming and going

Battle through Cysero's forge to discover doorways to places you've been to and knowledge you've never known, then check out his Secret Rares shop... not-so-well hidden in your Game Menu! 

Inside the Secret Rares Shop, you'll find:

  • Anseri Destroyer Mount Armor**
  • Anseri Destroyer Hood, 2 capes, and Bow
  • Agitated Orb Battle Pet
  • Agitated Orb Pet - with a quest for 3 exclusive, very Cyser-ish rewards
  • SECRET!!! BANK PET ***

rewards from the Agitated Orb Pet quest

The Agitated Orb pet's quest has a chance to reward you with one of three exclusive items:

  • Roasted Pickle Mace
  • Cheesy Sock Mountain
  • Green Disco Orb house item

* The Anseri Destroyer Rider Art has been waiting to strike for the last two weeks... the time is almost at hand!
** The word "anseri" in the armor name comes from the Latin word "anser," which means "goose."
*** This bank pet is based on the release, and the SUPER EXTRA SPOILER RULE has been invoked. No previews or hints until after the release is live!

July 31, 2015

Suggestion Forum Changes

Help Us Make AQWorlds the Game YOU Want!

If you haven't visited the Suggestion Forum recently, you should definitely head on back! Now headed by the incredibly enthusiastic and dedicated Zyrain and his crew of crackerjack ArchKnights,*  they've worked with the devs to revamp the entire board with the goal of helping bring more of YOUR suggestions into the game.

Want to have more input into the holiday events? Or suggest classes? How about feature or functionality suggestions? All those threads and more await YOUR ideas... RIGHT HERE! 

Zyrain and the rest of the Suggestion forum team hope to see you posting your ideas soon... and so does the rest of the AQWorlds dev team!

*they are the staff assistants who read your suggestions and help keep the forum clean and orderly

July 30, 2015

What IS Cysero's Secret?

I'll Give You a Hint... It's Not Yogurt.

If you had ONE guess as to what Cysero's secret is... what do you think it could be? Tweet your guess to Cysero, Artix, and Alina, then find out for real in tomorrow night's release!

free rpg mmo cysero secret

Remember: Geese. Are. Evil.

July 29, 2015

Chaos Queen Beleen Shop Leaving

Last Chance to Get Chaos Queen Beleen Rares!

If you haven't played through the Chaos Queen Beleen release, then you are missing out! You can begin your war against the pinkification of Lore when you /join drearia! If you are a FAN of the color pink, adorably fiending things, or fan-favorite artist Nulgath, then you want to make sure you don't miss the Chaos Queen Beleen Rares shop!

The Chaos Queen Beleen shop holds:

  • Cutie Makai Bank Pet 
  • Chibi Nulgath Bank Pet 
  • Chaos Beleen Sparkles 
  • Purified Axe of Nulgath 
  • Purified Blade of Nulgath
  • Purified Scythe of Nulgath
  • Purified Polearm of Nulgath
  • Nulgaleen Horns Morph 
  • Nulgaleen Locks Morph 
  • Chibi Nulgath Helm 
  • Icy Chibi Nulgath Helm 
  • Pinkitron Armor  
  • Chibi Head Pilot 
  • Icy Chibi Nulgath Kitty Helm

The items in the July Holiday Rares shop also leave tomorrow night, so be sure to snag anything you want now, before they are gone until next year!

July 29, 2015

AQ3D Alpha Test Coming Soon

Adventurequest 3D: Legend of LORE's Tech Demo is about to end!

The Tech Demo phase at for AdventureQuest 3D: Legend of Lore is about to end! Last chance to participate before we award the testers and do the database reset to start the ALPHA TESTS!

Tech Demo Testers!

Here is what you are getting....

  • AQWorlds Badge (Proof!)
  • AQWorlds Rare Tech Demo Weapon (Awesome!)
  • After the 3D database reset... the new AQ3D Account System will go live!
  • You will then make a shiny new AQ3D account

But... how will it know I was a tester!?
Good question! Answer: You will have that fancy tester badge on your AQWorlds account, right? There will be a link your AQWorlds account button. Presto! The game will know all. (It is actually super easy and built into the registration process.) 

Then, later, during Alpha Testing... the Alpha Knight armor will be released!

Previous AdventureQuest 3D Testers!

  • You will be able to login and play this new version of AQ3D
  • Sorry it took so long! 
  • The "Link your AE account" feature may take a few extra days to get working... but it will not take too long! 
  • As originally promised, you will get Alpha Knight armor too!

All Players!

  • Everyone will be allowed to Pre-Register for AdventureQuest 3D once the new account system goes live. 
  • Yes, if you Pre-Register there is a chance you will be invited for special tests with the above players (i.e. Stress Tests)


Your shiny new AQ3D account will be cross-platform ready... which means you can use that same account to login and play your same characters on Apple iOS devices, Android Devices once they go live with the Beta launch (Estimated time of BETA release is October)

July 28, 2015

Summer Fan Art Contest

Calling all Creatives: Enter our Return of the Devs Art Contest!

WOAH! What a crazy awesome Summer it has been! You’ve traveled to space, saved a little girl’s sprit, thwarted Chaos Queen Beleen (lol!), survived a living dungeon, and, come this Friday July 31, you will uncover Cysero’s greatest secrets!

Artix, Cysero, and everyone here @ AdventureQuest Worlds are so happy that you loved our handcrafted special events as much as we loved creating each of them for you =D

We know you love AQWorlds. We know you love Contests. And we know you loveloveLOVE getting free stuff. So we all know what that means: it’s time for the Summer 2015 “Return of the Living Devs” Fan Art Contest!

Heroes Needed: Eligibility Requirements

Since this contest is all about AQW’s Summer events, you’ll need to play the “Return of the Living Devs” releases (if you haven’t already) so you have references for your Fan Art creation! Your fan art can be of anything from:

  • Artix’s Ebil Dreadspace
  • Cysero’s Deadmoor Spirit
  • Beleen’s Chaos Queen Beleen
  • Artix’s Living Dungeon: Titan Hollow
  • Cysero's Secret…maybe about a goose?

This contest is OPEN to any player of every Artix Entertainment game, but the Contest Prizes will only be awarded inside AdventureQuest Worlds.

Summer 2015 Events: Gotta Play Them All!

Haven’t played the Summer releases yet? Just log in to and click the “Game Menu” icon (psst… it’s the shiny treasure chest button near the bottom right of your screen) to bring up the Game Menu; the very top icon is where our new Summer Releases can be played!

free rpg summer event map in-game menu

Cooldown Timer: Contest Timeframe

The Summer 2015 Fan Art Contest:

  • Begins Tuesday, July 27, 2015
  • Ends Sunday, August 9, 2015, at 11:59pm EST (server time)
  • All entries must be submitted to @AQWcontest Twitter page before 11:59pm EST on 8/9/15 

There Be Rules: Contest Rules

Read all the rules below BEFORE entering your Summer 2015 Fan Art submission. This is important, so I’ll say it again: Follow EACH rule if you want your entry to be considered eligible!

  1. Create AdventureQuest Worlds “Return of the Living Devs” Fan Art! You can Draw, Paint, Flash, Photoshop, 3D Print, Sculpt, Bake/Decorate, Comic-strip, Cosplay, or create a Stuffed Animal/Plushie of anything relating to AQW’s Summer 2015 release(s). Get creative here, folks!
  • Artix’s Ebil Dreadspace
  • Cysero’s Deadmoor Spirit
  • Beleen’s Chaos Queen Beleen
  • Artix’s Living Dungeon: Titan Hollow
  • Cysero's Secret… releasing Friday, July 31, 2015
  1. Your Summer 2015 Fan Art MUST BE created by YOU. And only YOU. No teaming up with friends, sorry.
  2. DO NOT trace or steal ANY artwork! If your fan art is stolen from any Artix game, or traced over preexisting AQW in-game art work, or directly copied from another image online, YOU WILL BE disqualified.
  3. Your Fan Art entry MUST include your AQW Character Name somewhere on the picture. Please write/sign your AQW Character Name legibly so we can actually read it =) No name = no chance at winning.
  4. Put the date on your entry so no one tries to steal your Fan Art during future contests.
  5. Type your AQWorlds Character Name in your Tweet BEFORE submitting. That way, if you win, I can easily copy your Character Name for faster prize awarding and no mistakes.
  6. Include hashtag #AQW in your Tweet so that way the whole world can see your awesome art, too!
  7. After following ALL THE RULES above, submit your “Return of the Living Devs” Summer 2015 Fan Art entry to

Epic Loot: The Contest Prizes

The 1 Grand Prize Winner shall receive:

  • 1,500 AdventureCoins
  • The Summer 2015 Fan Art Character Page Badge

2nd Place Winner(s) will receive:

  • 1,000 AdventureCoins
  • The Summer 2015 Fan Art Character Page Badge

3rd Place Winner(s) will get:

  • 700 AdventureCoins
  • The Summer 2015 Fan Art Character Page Badge

Runner Ups will get:

  • 500 AdventureCoins
  • The Summer 2015 Fan Art Character Page Badge

And as always, we reserve the right to award additional prizes for those who go above and beyond!

July 27, 2015

Delay in Help Team Reply Emails

Note from Nythera about Delayed Email Replies

Hello, Nythera here. If you emailed my Artix HelpTeam via the Help Pages last Friday evening 7/24/15 and you have not received a response...please email us again! We had some hungry server hamsters eat some of our emails.

I need to remind Zhoom to feed them more... But rest assured, we are working as fast as we can to get all the backlogged emails answered as quickly as possible!

Tags: Alina,

July 27, 2015

Friday: Discover Cysero's Secrets

Discover the Truth behind the Goose of Terror!

When Cysero asks for your help to defend his fabled forge/bakery from some of the queen’s minions, you'll learn more about the origins of nature, life, and the horrors of the fearsome beast they call... the "Goose"!

free rpg mmo cysero secrets

As you battle your way through Cysero's bakery-forge this Friday, you'll discover doorways to many places, see many strange and wond'rous things (my personal favorite is the probably the roasting pickle), and you'll also learn one of the greatest secrets of OUR WORLD! There is one thing you will NOT need to wait until Friday to learn, though, and that's how Cysero feels about geese:

AC bonus free rpg mmo

If you right click this link, you can open it in a new tab and save the image, then edit in a caption of your own. If you do, tweet it to me, cysero, and Artix!

Tags: Alina,

July 25, 2015

Unlock the Ancient Grovebreaker Blade

Unlock the exclusive weapon with any AC package!

Unlock the Ancient Grovebreaker Spellblade with ANY AdventureCoin package! The weapon will be added directly into your inventory, so you can /equip it and begin battling your way through all our awesome Summer 2015 "Return of the Living Dev" events right away!

AC bonus free rpg mmo

Then find the rest of the Ancient Spellblade gear (including an armor, helms, a floating sword pet, and more) in the Living Dungeon AC Rares shop inside your Game Menu!

In this week's rares shop, you'll find:

  • Eternal Groveborn Armor
  • Grovebreaker Armor
  • Cernunos’ Avatar Helm
  • Novice’s Shag Hair
  • Bright Elven Locks 
  • Shadowed Elven Locks
  • Nefarious Elven Locks
  • Horned Elven Locks
  • Rune of the Grove
  • Mystic Wrap of the Ancients
  • Cloak of the Groveborn
  • Grove Defender’s Reserve Gear
  • Eternal Groveborn’s Blade
  • Enchanted Grovebreaker’s Blade
  • Shadowfir Athame
  • Brightwind Athame
  • Groveborn Defender’s Companion
  • Groveborn Defender’s Battle Pet *

*Upgrade your account with a membership to unlock!

Summer Bonus AC Offer Ends August 7th!

Get 25% more free AdventureCoins when you buy a 12000 AdventureCoin package through August 7th! (That is 3000 more free ACs!) And get 500 more bonus ACs when you buy a 5000 AdventureCoin package! This offer will only be around for two more weeks... so if there are any rare items from our Summer 2015 "Return of the Living Devs" event you've been wanting to get your gauntlets on, now's the time to get the gear AND extra ACs! 

AC bonus free rpg mmo

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