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June 01, 2014

Happy Birthday Daimyo!

Double Birthday Weekend!

Log in now to celebrate everyone's favorite "fearless undead slaying" battle puppy's birthday! Only while Daimyo is in Battleon can you obtain an in-game pet version of him via a special Daimyo Birthday shop. 

Daimyo is SO EXCITED to battle alongside you!

After Daimyo leaves Battleon, /join Necropolis to find quests (part of the DoomWood Part 2 Saga) to put armor on Daimyo if you get him as a pet this week. (These quests will not be available while his shop is open... but they will return once the shop closes.)

Coming this Friday: Chaorrupted Daimyo!

Since the Summer of Chaos is upon us,you will be able to unlock a Chaorrupted version Daimyo once his birthday shop leaves this Friday, along with a Doge Daimyo pet made just for you by Clarion to honor his favorite Battle-puppy!

Battle-Puppy Birthday Fun!

Tell Artix what Daimyo says when he slays undead!

  1. Right-click with your mouse on the image below and save it. 
  2. Open it in the image-editing program of your choice. 
  3. Edit in a caption, then tweet it to Artix on his Twitter account or post it to his Facebook wall!

Artix says what?

Time for Sora to Hoshi's Birthday!

To celebrate her birthday, Sora to Hoshi crafted a version of her person weapon, the Ketsueki No Ryuu, just for you! For the next two weeks, the weapon will drop from the Onyx Lava Dragon and the Chaos Dragon... but you're going to have to work to get them! 

Tweet birthday /cheers to AQW's Dark Mage and Mistress of Time here, and get in there and Battle On for her gear!

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