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March 13, 2013

The Soul Decider

Dage the Evil is picking the Winners now

Judging for the Dage the Evil Fan Art Contest is underway!

 Dage Fan Art Contest

This contest was SO HUGE—over 800 epic entries OMG—that I needed help from our wonderful volunteers! When you see these guys and girls in-game, be sure to give them a great big THANK YOU for helping manage the Dage Contest with me =D

We can only wonder whom Dage the Evil will pick as the grand prize winner—and receiver of a specially crafted weapon from the Undead Legion Lord himself. Runner-ups will receive an exclusive Undead Legion back item/cape to show the world their undying devotion.

And, as always, additional AdventureCoin prizes will be awarded to those who went above and beyond! Woohoo!

The Importance of Writing your Name

There were sooooOOOO many awesome Dage Fan Art submissions that DID NOT have a player name on them. I’m talking AMAZING. Like 1st Place Winner material.

But, in the contest rules, in huge font and bolded:

7. Include your AQW character name on your submitted picture AND in your post so we know who to award the prizes to!

Just like in school, if you don’t put your name on your paper, you can’t get credit for your hard work =( And it’s not fair to those who followed the contest rules and included their player name, you know?

So, here’s what we’re ganna do: If you DID have an amazing piece of art that made it to the finals, but DID NOT include your AQW player name on your submission, check your inventories after the winners have been announced for a Note from Dage the Evil. He might toss you some Undead Legion Tokens for your hard work. Maybe. He is Dage the Evil after all… but maybe he’ll become Dage the Understanding =p

Following directions is super important—not just in AQWorlds Contests, but in the real world, too. Hooray for learning lessons =D

ANYHOO! Stay tuned for more Dage the Evil Fan Art Contest updates! Don’t know when Dage the Evil will be finished judging all your wonderful submissions, but as soon as he’s done, we will announce the winners here on the Design Notes!

Keep up the great work, and Battle On!

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