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April 10, 2013

Heromart Sells Bacon

"My other car's a flying carpet of Bacon"

*resists urge to make this entire post a series of bacon puns just bacons...* Two shirts hit the shelves of our official online store, Heromart, for all you heroes. Both include exclusive in-game items.

Cysero Loves Bacon... And Shirts!

Bacon: all the fun of candy in delicious pan-fried meaty goodness! Everyone knows that Bacon is the most magical meat in the world, and when you combine that with Cysero’s wacky magic, you get a flying bacon carpet—on your shirt AND in-game!

Cysero is pleased to meat you!

The Cysero Bacon Carpet T-shirt comes with the following in-game items:

AQWorlds in-game items:

  • Flying Bacon Armor
  • Guy's Bacon Fez
  • Gal's Bacon Fez
  • Magic Bacon Ride Character Page Badge

AND gear in our other Artix Entertainment games!

AdventureQuest in-game items:

  • Ep-Pig Pet

DragonFable in-game items:

  • Bacon Wings

MechQuest in-game items:

  • Bacon Shooter Back Arm weapon

HeroSmash in-game items:

  • CyseroBacon T-Shirt Badge
  • Bacon Cape

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