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September 17, 2012

Coming Soon to AQW

You asked what we'll release in September and October...

So we're giving you a list! Get ready for the most EPIC Fall yet!

  • Member-only Guilds PTR releases tomorrow! (More details here!)
  • Joining a Guild and slay AQW's biggest, baddest, epicest enemies this Friday!
  • J6 Bountyhunter Wedding Event!
  • 4th Upholder (with Chaos Starsword, 4th Upholder badge, more news tomorrow)
  • Discover Death's purpose, past... and future!
  • AQWorlds' 4th birthday/ Artix Entertainment 10th Anniversary Extravaganza!!!
  • Alina and Rolith Wedding Event! (Now separate from AQW Birthday release)
  • The most insane Mogloween yet!
  • Team Birthdays aplenty!
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