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February 07, 2014

Checking in!

"Good things come to those who wait... work hard through the night for months." Greetings and salutations! I wanted to write you and give you an update on, well, everything! This will be a bit of a long post. Which is great, because it will make up for so many of the days I have not had time to post. I really miss writing you design notes posts! If you have recently joined AdventureQuest Worlds, or the Artix Entertainment community, and are not a survivor of my light hearted, pun laced, potentially trauma inducing posts.... then nice to meet you and good luck! Has anyone seen the asterisk*?

7 months ago I stole the some of AE's top coders, artists, and people who were morally ok with working on fiery armored dragons, undead cereal jokes, and time traveling yellow dinosaurs and started something called "Project: Omni". The goal? To product wicked dark and awesome games that play on every divice capable of playing games. I do not know about you, but I REALLY WANT TO PLAY AQWORLDS ON MY PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But first we needed to learn how. So we started building a light hearted and fun game called Battle Gems. It was a quick project that we thought could be done in 3 months. That was 7 months ago**. We are 98.5% done. Today we are sending a preview of our game to our contacts that work at Apple. I will be honest with you-- Battle Gems will be worth the wait. But this will also be the last project I work on with Chibi style characters. Sure, they were a perfect fit for this type of game. But I have an unquenchable itchy thirst*** to get back to making the dark, epic, actiony, over the top, death & doom filled characters that I set out to make when we first announced that we were "aging up" our games.

In AdventureQuest Worlds, we are quickly approaching the ultimate battle versus Drakath, the Champion of Chaos. If you are mad that it has not happened yet, blame me. I told Alina that I wanted to write the finale of the "13 Lords of Chaos" personally. Obviously, this is something I cannot focus my full attention on and do until Battle Gems is finished... and since it is going to be the biggest and craziest thing ever done in the game (certain to get everyone on the staff furious at me)I think it would be safe to plan on it happening during summer break. We will finally reveal what you,  the hero, really are... and we will reveal the big secret behind all of the Chaos Lords and -- just like in the old days -- what happens will change our world forever. It possible, I want to do it as a month long live event.

My New Year's resolution was to get back into game development personally. Late at night I have been learning how to program and animate using the new tools the rest of the team has been mastering over the past year. When I started doing writing for Battle Gems I invited everyone to join me on a live stream via my ArtixKrieger twitter. It was crazy fun and a great way to brainstorm****. If you are up for it-- I would love to do a bunch more of it in the future. If you want to, sent me a tweet with the hashtag #DoEeetArtix


** 7 Months, 2 days, 11 hours and 22 seconds. But who is counting. Really.

*** You might want to get a doctor to look at that. Maybe some antibiotics.

**** Brainstorming Stream (v.) - A chatotic non-stop stream of insanity and very loud techno-remixed Doctor Who Music run by an over caffinated, armor wearing crazy guy who has an attention span shorter than the following sentence: "I a...."

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