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October 31, 2013

Chaos Continues Next Friday!

Return to the Mirror Realm!

If you've not gotten your daily dose of Chaos recently, make sure to log in next Friday, when we return to the Mirror Realm to continue Xing and Xang's Chaos Saga! Are you prepared to enter the RedDeath Swamp? I hope so, because both Lores are out of balance, and it's all thanks (or no thanks!) to the Twins!

What could they be up to THERE?!

Next week:

  • Mirror Realm Part 3
  • Treasure Map shop update
  • Pumpkin Contest winners are announced!
  • Ultimate Items of Donated Awesomeness are awarded!

Reminders to Remember!

  • The Royal Wedding rares leave NEXT Friday!
  • Tomix's Soulweaver armor will not release until he has time to finish the female version. His DragonFable work takes priority, but he will get to it as soon as possible.
  • Dage's colored Katanas will arrive in the Wheel of Doom and Destiny merge shops Friday night!
  • The Featured Artist shops in the /vendorbooths area of BattleCon are PERMANENT content, as is the rest of Battlecon (apart from the rare gesr).
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