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April 09, 2014

Help Us Help New Heroes

NEW Tutorial Testing Begins NOW!

Developing AQWorlds is always an adventure, and improving the tutorial has definitely been a journey. (I think we are on version 6... 7... 8?!) As we battle to build the best game possible, we need your help again! 

BREAKING NEWS: We have a new tutorial to test!

Starting tonight, we need you to have your family and friends - anyone who has NOT played AQW yet - create an account and run through the tutorial. Tell them to create an account at, then /join breakstone. (You can do this, too!) Watch them, take notes on where they get confused or lost. Screencapture their playing if possible and send us the videos, or post your comments to us on Twitter or the forum.

The Red Dragon waits... to devour Princess Tara!?!

Thursday and Friday, as your feedback comes in, we'll be changing the Breakstone tutorial based on your ideas. Then, this Friday, some of our new users will begin seeing this version instead of the Stonehand tutorial.

Help the Princess (and new Heroes)!

This is your chance to help us help new Heroes have the best introduction to AQWorlds possible! A better, smarter new Hero is a stronger, more skilled guild or party member for you down the line! 

High Level Red Dragon Battle!

This Friday, we will ALSO be releasing a high level (50+) version of the Breakstone Red Dragon for our more experienced players. You'll find 2 new armors (1 Legend, 1 free player) will drop from the dragon. Those won't be found anywhere else in AQW, so you'd better bring your biggest Dragonblade!

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