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October 09, 2013

Ambassador Program Changes

Lothalis, head of the Ambassador program, writes:

Back in late February, an idea was presented to me to start the AQW Ambassador Brigade, an official guild of AQWorlds full of dedicated players who would assist new players as well as offer in game advice to those who asked. However due to issues that we have faced from day one (time constraints, availability, etc) the official guild is disbanding... and expanding in an unofficial capacity. 

The idea of a guild dedicated to helping players inspired many other to create their own “Helper Guilds” and they worked along side the Ambassadors, waiting in the /guide map to offer help to any players needing it.  Where before there were a few hundred Ambassadors, now we want to encourage ALL players to ACT like Ambassadors: helping their fellow players enjoy AQWorlds as much as possible.

The idea of Ambassadors was the first step in a much larger role in AQWorlds, one of helpfulness and guiding. In our eyes the Ambassador Project has been a huge success, it made players see that there are other out there willing to help and inspired helper guild to step forward as well as gave players looking for help and looking for help a place to go and meet. 

The Ambassador cape has been a symbol to players that anyone wearing it was there to help other players. Soon, all players will be able to obtain their own Cape of Guiding to proudly display it when they are willing to help others.

What does this mean for the Ambassadors?

We did not decide on this change because Ambassadors were not helping, but because we need to change some functionality in AQWorlds to do it RIGHT. We are incredibly grateful to EVERYONE who has worked to help other players, but especially the Ambassadors who have devoted much of their in-game time to guiding other players. As we evolve AQWorlds, we'll revisit idea of the program.

All the current Ambassadors will get to keep their Ambassador cape, and the Cape of Guiding that will become available to all players will have modified art. This is a special thank you for making such an amazing impact in AQWorlds! 

I thank each and every one of you out there who have helped, and continue to help players and grow our amazing community here in AQWorlds, BATTLE ON!

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