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August 11, 2013

Breaking News: Lab Axe-ident

Artix Got a Brand-New Battle-Axe!

What happens when a caffiene-crazed Paladin has a new weapon and a Lab full of horribly-UNBROKEN windows? An axe-tronomical cat-axe-trohpe!*

Artix: from Paladin to WindowSlayer!***

Galanoth and I tried (unsuccessfully) to stop him, but you know what they say: if you're going to break the fourth wall, might as well break the windows, too!

* Just how many axe-based puns can we make?!
** A lot, because we are GREAT at multi t-axe-ing!
*** Having so many unbroken windows was just AXE-ing for trouble! (thanks, Dante!)

Join in the fun! Tweet your best axe and breaking puns to me at Alina_AE

We Axe-d You for Puns!

  • Looks like BLoD now has M-axe-imized damage agains't windows. - SoulAQW
  • owww that one cut me deep. - NathanPandora
  • I don't know what Artix was axe-pecting when he was playing with his axe in a glass filled room. - BladeOfAE
  • All these Axe-cellent puns are making me laugh - Jaykthepikachu
  • i dont have the moral fiber(glass) to stop; i just need to take a crack at them. - Aren4thewin
  • why don't we just blame Art-Axe for this one? - Zy_tepes
  • He crashed the window and had to Axe-scuse himself - Excavator_2
  • I axe-pect there be a pun-ishment to fit the crime. - selulpchure
  • *Artix breaks window* Well, that was un-AXE-pected. - DenzIsCool
  • Looks like the window company will have to manufAXEture a new window for AE - Edme Macheath (+50,000 pts!)
  • Well, they did axe him to stop. - Twilight Sky
  • That was an axe-llcent video. Hopefully nothing else happened when Artix axe'd for more windows.  - Sora to Hoshi
  • I guess you could say that was a very informative axeperience! - CakeMaster
  • It's axe-tually a really good video! - tomboy22
  • This is axecruciating, are you axetaully doing this? - The Jop
  • Don't get all broken up about it.  It's enough that the window did. - Twilight Sky
  • wow this is axetually really funny! I almost broke down laughing when I saw artix axe for more windows!  - pitties
  • Relaxe, it's just a window. Easy to replace! :P  - DragonUltraMaster
  • Looks like Artix needs to mAXEter his Weapon Control Skills. - Edme Macheath
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